If you are unable to work or require a vehicle that has been particularly adapted, the Motability programme can provide financial assistance to assist you in purchasing a new car that is fit for your needs.

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As part of the Motability programme, individuals with disabilities have the opportunity to make use of the disability benefit they get from the government to lease a brand-new vehicle along with various mobility aids such as electric scooters and powered wheelchairs. In this guide, we explain who is qualified to participate in the Motability programme, which cars are offered, and the specific modifications that can be made to the vehicles.

Who is eligible to receive a car through the Motability programme?

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People who are eligible for mobility allowance are given the opportunity to lease a car of their choosing under the Motability scheme. This includes automobiles that are accessible for people who use wheelchairs (WAVs). You need to be currently receiving one of the following mobility benefits in order to qualify, and you need to have at least a year’s worth of allowance left over.

Component of the Disability Living Allowance Payable at a Higher Rate for Mobility (HRMC DLA)

Enhanced Rate of the Personal Independence Payment’s (PIP) Mobility Component Payment (ERMC PIP)

Mobility Allowance for War Pensioners and Retirees (WPMS)

Payment for the Independence of the Armed Forces (AFIP)

Who is eligible to take the wheel of a Motability vehicle?

Do not be concerned if you require the assistance of another person in order to operate your Motability vehicle. Up to three named drivers, who can be friends, family members, or caregivers, are allowed to use the vehicle as long as it is utilised for your benefit (for example, for shopping or other essential and routine travels), and they can use it. If the person leasing the car benefits from having access to it, their presence is not required at any point during the rental period. Usually, identified drivers will live in the same family as the disabled consumer they are transporting. If they don’t, Motability may demand a location tracker to be installed in the vehicle to guarantee that the individual who is eligible for the programme is in fact making use of the vehicle to their advantage.

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There is a restriction that there can only be one driver who is less than 21 years old, and all drivers who are younger than 25 years old are required to drive vehicles that fall into insurance group 16 or lower. This places restrictions on the available models. Every driver must be in possession of a driving licence that is current, valid in the United Kingdom, and appropriate for the kind of vehicle that is being leased.

Other people who hold licences won’t necessarily be denied entry, but there will be further inspections. In the last five years, if you have received any major driving endorsements, convictions, or disqualifications, you may also be disqualified from the plan. Check out the RSA insurance policy, which covers all of the vehicles that are part of the scheme, for additional details.

You can be eligible for a parking permit in the form of a Blue Badge if you have a medical condition that limits your mobility and makes it difficult for you to operate parking metres. Check out our comprehensive guide to the Blue Badge programme to learn more about who is eligible and how to file an appeal if your application is denied.

What kinds of cars are offered through the Motability programme?

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The programme makes a startling number of automobiles available to choose from. These automobiles include everything from compact hatchbacks and city cars to huge family automobiles and MPVs. If your requirements are flexible enough, you could even be able to lease a two-door coupe or convertible. However, because mobility allowance does not cover the full cost of more expensive models, purchasers of those models are required to make a one-time advanced payment.

The higher the initial cost of the vehicle, the higher the monthly cost of this payment will be. There are a good number of small and medium hatchbacks that do not require an advance payment, so even if you are unable to pay more, it does not imply that you will be limited in your choice of vehicle.

Motability Program of Ford

Ford is the most well-known and respected automaker in the United States, and the company’s lineup of motability vehicles is rather robust. From the really well-liked tiny Ford Fiesta hatchback to the more substantial Ford Focus sedan (also available as an estate).

In addition, the company offers the brand new Ford Puma crossover as well as the Tourneo connect Passenger Van, which is adaptable to a broad variety of different mobility additions and modifications. Find out how reliable Ford vehicles are, as well as the other most reliable auto brands, in this article.

BMW Motability

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You can drive a vehicle produced by a luxury brand so long as you are willing to pay a little bit more than the average price. Even though one of these vehicles will use up an individual’s whole mobility allowance, BMW does make its more compact hatchbacks and crossovers available through the Motability programme. However, the programme does demand a large down payment.

The utilitarian BMW 1 Series hatch and the more sinuous BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe are just two examples of the variety of vehicles that are available, in addition to sport utility vehicles (SUVs) such as the BMW X1 and the BMW X2.

Audi Motability

Audi A3 saloon motability car

The luxurious saloon and hatchback versions of the Audi A3 are both offered through Motability, despite the fact that advance payments might surpass £3,000. Aside from that, the only other vehicles in the Audi lineup are the compact Audi A1 hatchback, as well as the Audi Q2 and the Audi Q3 crossovers. The vast majority of Audi’s models, along with those of its primary competitors BMW and Mercedes, are priced too high to be eligible for inclusion in the programme. Find out whether or not it is a good idea to purchase an Audi by consulting our comprehensive guide, Should I buy an Audi?

SUV Motability

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Motability gives you a wide variety of options to choose from, so whether you want the added safety of four-wheel drive or you just enjoy the look of a high-riding SUV, you can do either. However, you will need to give serious consideration to your requirements, as our testing have repeatedly shown that certain crossover models are not as practical as the hatchback versions of the same vehicle. The following is a list of some of the four-wheel-drive models that are currently available:

Audi Q3

Mini Countryman and the Kia Sportage

This is a Mini Countryman.

Volkswagen Ateca and the Mitsubishi Outlander

Ateca de Seat

If you are hoping to purchase a luxury off-road vehicle through Motability, such as a BMW X5 or Range Rover, you are going to be very disappointed. These vehicles are not eligible for this programme.

How can I tell if a car from the Motability programme will meet my needs?

If you require space for a wheelchair or other essentials, space and practicality are likely going to be some of the most crucial factors to consider when selecting a car from the Motability programme.

So that you can quickly zero in on a make and model that meets your needs, each of our vehicle evaluations includes comprehensive dimensions of the available space for both passengers and their belongings, as well as essential information regarding usability, such as the level of visibility drivers have from their seats.

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Because the majority of steering and throttle adjustments will only function with automatic cars, you should carefully consider whether or not you require a vehicle that has an automatic gearbox. This should not restrict your decision in any way, as vehicles spanning the entire price range are offered with a variety of automatic gearboxes, albeit some of these transmissions are more refined and responsive than others. Also think about any additional comfort features that might interest you, like adaptive cruise control or lane departure assists, for example. It is in your best interest to give the model you are contemplating a lengthy test drive in order to confirm that it will, in fact, fulfil your requirements.

Where can I find a dealer that offers the Motability programme?

You can use the Motability vehicle dealer search to identify a dealership that is approved by Motability in your area. There are over 4,500 dealerships in the UK that meet the requirements to be approved. There are some dealers who will come to your house, while others will help you get to and from the showroom they’re located in.

Before deciding on a vehicle, you should go to a minimum of two different dealerships, each of which could have a distinct selection of makes and models for you to consider. You should also consider bringing anyone who might use the car with you to the dealership so that you can all get a sense of what it would be like to utilise the automobile on a day-to-day basis.

Motability autos that have been modified

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The Motability programme provides access to about 500 various adaptations for vehicles, allowing you to personalise your new ride to meet your unique requirements. The following is a selection of the many features that are available:

Manually operated control mechanisms

Steering aids

Permanent seats as well as swivel seats for wheelchairs

Accelerators for the left foot and various other pedal adjustments

The ability to control certain functions remotely

Storage space for wheelchairs (rooftop and in-car systems)

Person hoists

Pedal guards

You can even transfer adaptations across vehicles as long as you stay within the scheme’s parameters, which makes it possible to take use of many of the modifications without incurring any additional costs. You are able to view a complete list of vendors, as well as their rates, on the Motability website. Many of the more typical adaptations are offered at no additional cost when you acquire your automobile.

There will be some modifications that are incompatible with the available vehicles. Have you thought about getting a car through Motability, but you’re not sure if it will meet your needs?