Which should I use, rotary or foil? How about corded or cordless? Are you wet or dry? You can find the best electric shaver for you and your finances by reading the recommendations provided by our shaving experts.

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The very best electric razors will provide you with a close shave in almost no time at all while also leaving your skin silky and blemish-free in the process.

However, electric shavers can be quite pricey, and not all of them will provide you with a shave that is as close or as comfortable as others. When shopping for an electric shaver, consumers have the option of selecting from a variety of add-on features. In addition to determining whether you would prefer a foil or rotary model, you should think about whether you will require a quick-charge function, a beard comb, or a model that can be used in the shower. You should also think about whether you will need a beard comb.

The following advice will assist you in determining whether or not you need an electric shaver, and if you do, which model of electric shaver will meet your requirements in the most efficient manner.

Check out our reviews of electric shavers to learn more about the models that are recommended by Which? after you have determined the type of electric shaver that will work best for you.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of using an electric shaver?

Speed 67% of respondents to our most recent survey of consumers indicated that using an electric shaver saves time compared to using a wet razor.

Convenience Because you do not require water or gel, there is no requirement for you to be in the restroom (although many electric shavers can also be used wet if you prefer). Shaving with an electric razor is less messy.

Holidays You can pack a shaver in your carry-on luggage, and some models can hold a charge for up to three weeks. This is plenty of time to keep your face smooth during a vacation or business trip.


Electric razors have a reputation for being pricey. An electric shaver can be purchased for less than thirty pounds, but a high-end model with a number of additional features can cost more than three hundred pounds.

Approximately every two years, the foils or heads will need to be replaced, which will typically cost you anywhere between fifteen and forty pounds.

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What kinds of electric shavers are available to choose from?

Foil shavers

Straight-headed foil shavers shave hair with the help of oscillating blades that are positioned beneath a thin layer of perforated foil. Electric shavers made by Braun and Panasonic, as well as some models made by Remington, have foil heads. On the head of a foil shaver, there can be as many as five cutting elements, but more often than not, there are only three or four. However, a closer shave is not guaranteed simply because there are more cutting elements present. Because the performance of foil and rotary shavers in our tests was identical, the choice between the two types of shavers comes down to a matter of individual preference.

Razors with rotary blades

Electric shavers of this type typically have three circular heads, each of which rotates to first lift and then cut stubble that is captured by an outer guard that remains stationary. Rotary heads are standard on all Philips electric shavers and on some Remington models as well. The heads of a rotary shaver typically flex inwards, which, in theory, should make it easier for you to shave around the contours of your face. However, in practise, this is not always the case. There are numerous schools of thought regarding which kind is superior. As a result of the fact that our in-house testing has uncovered razors of both types that are capable of providing a close shave while also being comfortable enough to merit our Best Buy recommendation, we have come to the conclusion that the decision is largely one of individual preference.

Shavers that are charged from the mains

Electric shavers that are recharged via the mains can be used either while they are plugged into the mains or while they are cordless. If you forget to charge your shaver before you need to use it, you can use the option that connects to the mains instead.

Shavers without cords

The vast majority of other shavers, including all models that can be used wet or dry, must be charged before use and do not come with a cord. This allows you to move around more freely while you shave, but it also means you can’t use them while they’re charging, so keep that in mind. Electric shavers that can be used when wet are always cordless because you wouldn’t want to risk accidentally plugging them in while you were in the shower.

Shavers that only operate off of the mains

Shavers powered by a mains supply are not capable of being recharged and must instead be plugged in to operate. The majority of basic, entry-level shavers on the market today are mains-powered only models.

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Electric shavers can be purchased for anywhere between 13 pounds and more than 280 pounds. Our reviews can assist you in cutting costs by illuminating the models that are deserving of a higher purchase price as opposed to those that will only lead to annoyance and financial loss. We were able to locate electric razors from Best Buy priced at less than sixty pounds.

What characteristics should I look for in a new shaver?

Some electric shavers come equipped with a pop-up trimmer, meaning that you can complete your grooming routine without having to switch between multiple devices. You might have to spend a little bit more money on one, but it will save you time in front of the mirror because you won’t have to pause in the middle of your routine to look for a different attachment like you would with the other ones.

Wet and dry

This demonstrates that the electric shaver can be utilised in the shower with either foam or gel. If you have sensitive skin, this is a feature that you should look out for if you want to avoid getting a rash or irritation from the product. Wet shaving also has the tendency to produce a closer shave overall.

Combs for the beard

If you want to keep a beard or some other type of facial hair, you should look for a shaver that comes with a comb attachment so that you can easily maintain the ideal length of your goatee.

Electric shavers that are waterproof

Some cordless electric shavers can be used wet with gel or shaving foam in addition to being used dry on the skin. The idea behind this is that it combines both wet and dry shaving techniques into one convenient package for the user. Some can even be used in the bathroom or the shower, allowing you to accomplish two tasks at the same time. However, before using your electric shaver with water, you should always read the instructions first, as not all models can be operated in this manner.

Manifestation of charge

Some of the most advanced cordless shavers on the market come equipped with a digital countdown display that informs the user of the remaining amount of shaving time before the device needs to be recharged. Other types of shavers come equipped with lights or bars that glow either green or red to indicate when the device is charging, when it is fully charged, how much charge is still available, and whether the battery needs to be topped off.


The electric shavers with the best batteries will provide enough power for over twenty passes of approximately five minutes each, whereas the electric shavers with the worst batteries will lose their charge in half the allotted time for our tests. You should also keep an eye out for a useful quick-charge function, which can help you avoid embarrassment in the event that the battery dies in the middle of shaving.

Rapid recharging

There is a quick-charge feature available on many cordless shavers; if yours has this feature, you can plug it in before you get in the shower, and it will be fully charged and ready to go by the time you get out.

Intelligent functionalities

In 2017, Philips became the first company in the world to market a “smart” electric razor. It connects to an app on your smartphone via Bluetooth so that it can give you real-time feedback on how you should be shaving. The goal is to assist in addressing skin irritation issues such as redness, ingrown hairs, and soreness as effectively as possible.

What is the proper way to clean my shaver?

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The majority of electric shavers require cleaning after use in order to remove particles of skin and cut hair. You can accomplish this by hand by brushing or tapping the stubble out, but you’ll also find that many shavers can be cleaned by placing them under a running tap while the water is running through them. However, before getting your shaver wet, you should always read the instructions first, as not all shavers can be cleaned in this manner.

Shavers that clean themselves

Some of the most high-end shavers come with a cleaning station that not only cleans, lubricates, and dries your shaver, but also charges it at the same time. Put your shaver into the base unit, and then take some time to relax. This feature can save you the hassle of taking apart the shaver to give it a deep clean once every week or so. Instead, all you need to do is replace the cleaning cartridges on occasion. Although most shavers aren’t particularly difficult to keep clean, this feature can save you the hassle.

The refills can be purchased either online or at larger pharmacies, and the price range for a cartridge that should provide up to 30 cleaning cycles is typically between £4 and £8.

Read our comprehensive guide on how to clean and maintain an electric shaver for more information on how to keep your electric shaver in great condition. Nineteen months How long you should keep using your foil shaving head for it to continue to give you a close shave.

What are some ways I can improve the quality of my shave?

The shaver will be able to get a better cut if you pull your skin taut, which will allow it to get closer to your hairs.

By stretching your top lip over your teeth, you can get a close shave under your nose using this technique.

Moisturize: An after-shave moisturiser is a great way to keep your skin in great shape. Use it after you shave.

Shaving heads should be changed on a regular basis: for foil shavers, this should be done once every 18 months, and for rotaries, this should be done once every two years.

Shaving a variety of hair types and textures

Shaving presents a unique set of challenges unique to men, including but not limited to the possibility of nicks and the discomfort of razor burn. However, shaving can be difficult for people who have coarser and curlier facial hair, which is common among black men because it makes razor bumps more likely. Razor bumps are caused by hairs that have been cut close to the skin and then allowed to grow out, at which point the hairs curl back in on themselves and become ingrown.

Shaving should be avoided for at least a few days if not longer if you have ingrown hairs because they can cause painful bumps and irritation. In the worst case scenario, these ingrown hairs can lead to infection, which can then result in scarring.

When wet shaving, razor bumps are more likely to occur because the hairs are cut closer to the skin in an effort to achieve a smoother finish. This increases the likelihood that razor bumps will form. Therefore, an electric shaver can be a great alternative to wet shaving for men of African descent in particular. This is because electric shavers don’t cut the hair as close to the skin as wet shavers do, which reduces the risk of developing ingrown hairs and bumps.

When searching for the appropriate type to use, one with a foil cutting mechanism is typically recommended for use by black men because their facial hair tends to be thicker. Compared to rotary shavers, these cut the hairs in a slightly more straight direction, which helps to reduce the likelihood of them becoming ingrown.

It is possible for the stubble to be left with a slight curl at the end as a result of the cutting mechanism of rotary shavers, which involves twisting and lifting before cutting. Curled ends can increase the likelihood that ingrown hairs will develop, and if your facial hair already has a tendency to curl, this won’t help the situation.