best hand blenders on the market

When it comes to purchasing a hand blender, we’ve got the information on what to look for, how much you should spend, and what to take into consideration.

Hand blender

Hand blender

Stick blenders, also known as handheld blenders, are convenient kitchen appliances that can be used for a variety of chopping and blending tasks, including the preparation of soups, dips, and purées. In contrast to more cumbersome food processors and jug blenders, they are compact and simple to put away.

They also feature a reduced number of moving parts, making them easier to operate and maintain in general.

The majority of hand blenders are able to chop, mix, and purée food, and some versions feature accessories for whipping, whisking, and even mashing potatoes. Hand blenders, on the other hand, are more convenient for tasks of a more manageable scale, such as chopping and baking. In this article, we will explain how to select the perfect model for you, as well as the essential qualities that you should think about before making a purchase.

Do you think you might benefit from using a hand blender?

If you do a lot of cooking or baking, you should probably look into purchasing a food processor or a stand mixer instead of using a hand mixer. Although they take up more room, these are preferable for more extensive cooking endeavours. If you want to prepare a smoothie every day, we’ve located some of the best blenders for less than fifty pounds that will make quick work of even the toughest components like ice, almonds, and leafy green vegetables or frozen fruit.

How much money would you recommend putting into a blender?

There are premium hand blenders that can cost well over one hundred pounds, but you can get a simple model for just five pounds, so what’s the difference? Hand blenders that are considered basic will often only come with one cutting blade and will include a control button that requires the user to press and hold it.

The typical material for its construction is clear plastic. Models with a higher price tag will have multiple speed options as well as other amenities such as a gentle start (to prevent ingredients spraying up everywhere). In most cases, they will be crafted from high-quality materials and will almost certainly come packaged with supplemental blades and additional attachments, such as a blending beaker, micro chopper, whisk, or potato masher. But you don’t have to spend a lot of money to acquire an excellent hand blender, they are fairly reasonable to buy. In addition, if you find yourself drawn to the fashionable metal hand blenders, keep in mind that they are heavier to hold when blending, which can be taxing if you have a lot of preparation to do.

Stick blender

Stick blender

Things to think about before purchasing the best hand blender possible


Hand blenders are roughly as long as an A4 sheet of paper and some weigh nearly as much as a bag of sugar, so it can be tiresome to manage them if it is difficult to get a good grip on them and reach the controls. Check that the power button is easy to push. The use of certain hand blenders is made easier by the incorporation of ergonomic handles and controls that may be operated with a light touch. Standard models will typically only come with a single speed. You will receive a range of speeds if you pay more money, which can assist you in avoiding unanticipated splashes.


Some hand blenders come with bowls and beakers that fit to the blender and may be used for chopping and mixing. This helps to prevent contents from spraying all over your surfaces. If you want to use your hand blender for a certain purpose, such as whisking, whipping, chopping, or blending, you should opt for one that comes with a specialised accessory so that you can make food preparation easier. Check out our reviews of hand blenders before spending a lot of money on additional accessories because not all accessories are equally effective at the tasks for which they were designed.


Hand blenders with metal shafts are less likely to leave stains on your countertop than their plastic counterparts. The portion of the blender that gets the most grime on it is the shaft, so if you are going to be blending a lot of soup, you might find that a metal shaft is more practical. However, stains on plastic shafts can typically be removed with simple vegetable oil. Metal models may be heavier, which might be taxing if you are blending large quantities of ingredients.

Braun hand blender

Braun hand blender


The least expensive models could have cords that are both short and rigid, which could make it more difficult to reach your dish. There are also cordless variants available, which have the advantage of not having a cord in the way while you blend; however, you should be aware that these models are typically more expensive, heavier, and have a shorter run time.

Max run time

This can be as short as ten seconds or as long as an hour. It could work if all you want to do is quickly mix a little quantity, but you should ensure that it does before you buy it so that you don’t get caught in the middle of the blending process.

Wattage is also not something you need to be concerned about, so there’s that.

A higher wattage is not a guarantee of better results or that the blender will last any longer, despite the fact that you may frequently see it indicated in the product information. To summarise, it is important to give some serious consideration to the kinds of foods you enjoy preparing and the kinds of tasks you perform most frequently in the kitchen before purchasing a new hand blender. This will ensure that it does not end up gathering dust in a cabinet alongside other unused kitchen appliances.