A riser recliner chair is a huge investment, so keep yours in the best shape possible by following our recommendations on how to look after and maintain it


After you have purchased and set up your riser recliner chair, it is highly likely that this chair will become the primary chair in which you will spend the majority of your time sitting during the day. As a result of this, it can experience a significant amount of wear and strain. On the other hand, if you follow some sage advice, you should be able to maintain its pristine condition for the longest period of time feasible. Still trying to figure out which riser recliner chair would be the greatest fit for you?

Keeping the upholstery of your riser recliner chair in good condition

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Spraying the material of the chair with a protective spray as soon as you bring it into your house is a good idea. This will make the material resistant to liquids and lessen the likelihood that it will become stained if anything like tea is accidentally spilled on it. It is also a good idea to place a light throw over the arms of the chair and across the top of the back of the chair where your head will rest. This will allow you to wash the throw if it gets dirty.

Having said that, it is better to steer clear of covering the entire chair with a single huge throw because it is possible for this to become entangled whenever the chair is moved. It is also important to keep in mind that upholstered chairs that are positioned in close proximity to windows will lose their colour with time, particularly if they are exposed to a great deal of direct sunshine.

It’s time to give the covers of your riser recliner chair a good cleaning.

riser recliner chair

The manner you clean your chair will depend on what it is composed of:

Leather or suede – you’ll need specialised leather cleaners, as using water on these materials might leave marks

Standard upholstery – these are normally good with little soapy water and a sponge for mild stains, though you may need a specialised cleaner for bigger spills If the chair is in a room where lots of cooking occurs, or the person who sits in the chair is a smoker, you may discover that it absorbs ambient scents.

There are sprays that claim to remove built-in scents, but for a more traditional solution sprinkle some bicarbonate of soda across the fabric. Let it sit for roughly 20 minutes and then vacuum it up. Some riser recliner chairs come with removable seat or armrest cushion covers, which make them considerably easier to wash. Some also come with a cleaning product kit, which gives you with all the specialist products you’ll need to clean your chair.

For particularly stubborn stains or badly shredded fabric, we’d recommend you employ a professional furniture cleaning service or upholsterer. If you have additional furniture to clean, find out more about how to clean a sofa and fabric stain removers.

Maintaining the electrics of your riser recliner chair

Where possible, try to ensure you plug the riser recliner straight into the mains and not an extension lead, so you don’t risk overloading plug sockets with too many electrical products.

Don’t put anything underneath your riser recliner chair as objects may become stuck – though some chairs do come with an anti-trap feature to prevent this. Check the power wires routinely for any signs of damage or wear and strain.

Keep all the electric lines away from any sources of water or dampness. Never plug in and leave your riser recliner chair outdoors. Some riser recliner chairs feature back-up batteries, so that if there’s a power loss, you have the security that back-up power will assist and you won’t be left trapped in a reclined posture, unable to get up. These backup batteries will need to be replaced after they have been used.

They are typically around the size of a matchbox and may be easily put into a box that serves as a connection between the primary cable and the chair. Because the batteries in some versions can be recharged, you won’t need to worry about purchasing new ones in the event that the power goes out.

They typically come along with a battery charge indicator that displays the amount of charge that is still available. Visit our buying guide for more information, which can be found at how to buy the best riser recliner chairs.