If you have a dispute with your mobile service provider, contact us. Having an ombudsman on hand could be beneficial. To file a complaint, follow this step-by-step process.

1 Make a complaint to the business.


Complaining to ombudsman

Explain your concern and what you want to happen in order to reach an agreement. Follow the internal complaints procedure of your mobile phone company if one exists.

2 Obtain a letter stating that negotiations have come to a halt.

In the event that your cell service provider refuses to resolve the issue, you can request a “letter of deadlock” to indicate that you’ve exhausted all of your options.

Taking your complaint to the ombudsman is an option if the cell company doesn’t answer within a reasonable amount of time (say, 14 days).

3 Locate the appropriate Ombudsperson.

Cisas and Ombudsman Services: Communications are the two ombudsman services that handle complaints about mobile phones.

It is important to know which mobile service provider you are using, as this is the one you will utilise to escalate your complaint.

Complaints about mobile service providers, not third-party retailers like the Carphone Warehouse, are handled by these ombudsman systems.

4 Make a complaint to the Office of the Ombudsman.

mobile phone provider

mobile phone provider


To file a complaint, speak with the ombudsman. A complaint form may be required by some ombudsmen, while others merely require you to send a letter detailing the issue you’re having.

Include the following information if it’s the latter:

Your first and last name, as well as your postal code (or the name and address of the person making the complaint)
You must include specifics about what the company did wrong (or didn’t do right) as well as what you believe should have been done in order to support your complaint.
Injustice, financial loss, difficulty, or inconvenience that you’ve suffered as a result of your actions
In what ways do you want your concerns addressed and what steps have you taken to date to address the issue?
Include a copy of any pertinent correspondence, emails, invoices, or receipts.
Contact Cisas.

You can file a complaint with Cisas by filling out their online form.

+44 (0)20 7520 3814 is the phone number to call if you have any questions or concerns

Use the following method to get in touch with the Ombudsman Office:

The best approach to get in touch with Ombudsman Services: Communications is to fill out its online complaint form.

Any inquiries or concerns can be sent to enquiry@ombudsman-services.org, or you can phone 0330 440 1614.

You can also write to them at the following address:

PO Box 730 Warrington WA4 6WU Ombudsman Services: Communications

5 Wait for a written response before making a choice.

The ombudsman will examine the evidence presented by the parties involved in the dispute.

Unlike a court case, there isn’t an opportunity for you to provide your side of the story.

A letter will be sent to both you and the firm with details of the “prize” once it has been decided.

If your complaint is upheld, the award will specify what the corporation must do to make things right.