Make the most of your fire pit by following our top advice for maintaining its safety, lighting it, and keeping it clean.

Lighing fire pit2

You’ve chosen the best outdoor fire pit, set it up in the perfect position, and now it’s time to get in your yard and relax. But while enjoying the new heater, you’ll also need to guarantee you can light and clean it fast, and keep safe while doing so. Our professional guide to using your fire pit covers everything you need to know, including how to get it burning, the essential fire pit gadgets to look out for, how to maintain your fire pit, plus top fire safety guidelines from the Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service.

How to start a fire pit

Put a few bundles of wrinkled up newspaper on the bottom of the pit Add some kindling on top of the newspaper in a pyramid form to aid airflow Using a long safety match or a long lighter, light the newspaper and kindling Once the fire has caught, add one or two logs to increase the fire As the fire starts to dwindle, add one or two logs to maintain it going If you’re lighting a chiminea, you’ll need to make sure you have a layer of sand or lava rocks on the bottom before you ignite the fire. If you’ve got a gas fire pit, all you’ll need to do is flip it on. If the gas has run out, always read the instruction manual to find out how to change the canister.

Lighting a fire pit

Useful fire pit gadgets

Poker: a game for fanning the flames

Grabber with a long reach: used for adding and moving logs in the fire without risk.

A long-length fire lighter, so you don’t have to worry about your fingertips getting burned when you light the fire.

A log rack is a place to stack and store logs.

A huge sack with handles used for transporting logs to a fire pit is known as a log carrier.

A bucket for collecting ash, to be used for clearing out your fire pit. Gloves for use with fire pits, so that your hands can remain safe.

The purpose of the fire pit lid is threefold: first, it serves as a snuffer; second, it prevents any leftover ash or embers from blowing out of the pit; and third, it prevents the barrel from being wet.

Screening for fire pits provides an additional layer of defence from stray sparks and embers.

Rack for cooking over an open fire, often known as a barbecue.

Roasting oven for fire pits: this device, which is mounted on a barbecue rack and can be used to roast meat, potatoes, and vegetables

Ash spade: a tool that makes it easy to remove ash from the pit

a cooking bowl that is suspended from a tripod above the fire pit is known as a hanging cooking bowl. Are you planning to give your landscape a new look? Why not add a sauna or a pizza oven to your property?

How to properly maintain a fire pit.

How to clean a fire pit

The method that you use to clean your fire pit will be determined by the sort of material it is manufactured from. The following are detailed instructions on how to clean brick, cast iron, steel, and copper fire pits, as well as gas fire pits.

Pit for the fire made of steel or copper

It is important to clean the inside of the fire pit of all the ash and trash. It is recommended that you wait until the next day after it has been used to ensure that the fire has been out and the ash has cooled. To thoroughly clean the interior of the pit, you should use warm, soapy water and a gentle cloth. After rinsing away the soap, make sure the pit is fully dry. Leaving behind any trace of water might accelerate the rusting process on the metal.

Fire pit made of cast iron

The day after using the fire pit, clean it thoroughly by removing all of the ash and dirt. When cleaning the interior of the fire pit, hot water and steel wool are both effective cleaning agents. To prevent rust, make sure that the pit is completely dried off with a soft towel.

Pit for the fire made of brick or stone

The day after using the fire pit, clean it thoroughly by removing all of the ash and dirt. Use a brush and some hot, soapy water to thoroughly clean the brick or stone. Spray some water on it. Wait until everything is absolutely dry before using.

Pit with a gas fire

Clear the outside of the building of any litter, such as leaves. When cleaning the sidewalls, use a towel dipped in soapy water and a rag. Utilize a gentle cloth to dry it off. Learn where to find the greatest garden furniture and outdoor lights so that you can spend as much time as possible relaxing by your fire pit while remaining as comfortable as possible.

Fire pit maintenance

Cast iron fire pit

Maintaining your fire pit properly can assist to ensure that it lasts for many more years. Keeping your fire pit in good operating order can be accomplished in a few different ways, including: When not in use, make sure to keep your fire pit covered so that it is shielded from the elements. This is of utmost significance for cast iron, steel, and copper pits in particular. It may rust if there is an excessive amount of rain. Do not try to put out the fire by dousing it with water; rather, let it to die out on its own. Because of the sudden change in temperature, the pit may become fractured. After each and every usage, remove any ash and debris that may have accumulated, and give it a thorough cleaning once every three to six months. You shouldn’t use accelerants because the intense heat could ruin the pit. Around twice a month, you should oil your steel fire pit. Burning plastic in the pit is not allowed. It will become liquid and adhere to the surface of the pan.

Fire pit safety

Find yourself a secure spot. Be sure that your fire pit is located a safe distance away from any outbuildings, fences, trees, or shrubs.

Ensure the safety of sensitive users It is important to keep both children and animals away from the fire.

Pick from from the permitted objects. Always fire the coals from the cool side and use only certified lighters.

Be prepared In case of an unexpected event, you should always have a garden hose, a bucket of water, and some sand nearby.

Stay put

Never walk away from a fire pit that is still burning.