One problem single travellers encounter is the unfair pricing that comes with holidaying alone. Here are five methods to make a saving if you want to do it alone.

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The unfair pricing that sometimes comes with travelling by one’s lonesome is one of the drawbacks for solo vacationers. If you decide to go it alone, you can save money in the following five different methods.

Look for businesses that cater to individuals who travel alone.

If you want to go on an escorted trip with others who have similar travel interests as you, it’s a good idea to check out travel firms like Just You, which cater exclusively to individuals who plan their vacations alone.

Tired of shelling out money for two even though you’re travelling by yourself? The travel businesses Riviera Travel (a Which? Recommended Provider), HF Holidays (also a Which? Recommended Provider), Leger Holidays, and Great Rail Journeys are among those that offer at least some of their vacations without charging single travellers an additional fee.

Grab the phone when it rings.

Have you found a hotel by doing a search online? Give them a call. The commission rate that might be demanded from hotels by online travel agencies can reach up to 30 percent.

Even though hotels are typically prohibited by their contracts from offering lower rates than those offered by online travel agencies, certain facilities may provide freebies to entice guests to book directly with them. These can include breakfast, transportation, or even a spa service.

The hotel will not have to pay the commission that is often paid to an online travel agency, which will result in the hotel saving money. In addition, you will receive an additional benefit. What’s the difference between early-bird discounts, rush discounts, and discount vouchers? When you travel, you should constantly be looking into how to get the best deal on your vacation.

Look for hotels that offer rooms for single occupants.

There is, for instance, the Jane Hotel in New York City, which is located in close proximity to the Whitney Museum of American Art. In Edinburgh, there is the Nira Caledonia, while in London, there is the Hilton Hyde Park. (Depending on the time of year, we discovered that they were approximately one-third less expensive than a hotel for two.)

The trouble with some single rooms is that they can be quite cramped, and you may very quickly come to the realisation that it would have been better to spend the extra money for a double room. Both Premier Inn and Hilton will soon open “tiny hotels” with rooms that are approximately 8.5 square metres in size.

An analysis conducted by Travel discovered that single rooms at certain hotels in central London that sell themselves as “cheap compact luxury” were in fact more expensive per square foot than those at the Ritz.

Make reservations for a cabin for one.

There has been a recent uptick in the number of cruise liners that are introducing vessels that are outfitted with single cabins. The Norwegian Cruise Line ship Epic was the first in the fleet to feature studio suites meant for solo travellers. Additionally, the Epic was the first ship in the fleet to have a designated lounge for guests staying in studio cabins so that they could socialise with one another.

Similarly, single cabins can be found on seven of P&O’s ships, including the Britannia, the Aurora, and the Ventura. On some of its Classic Round and Voyage of Discovery sailings in Norway, the cruise line Hurtigruten, which is a Which? Recommended Provider, does not charge a single supplement.

It is important to keep in mind that similar to single hotel rooms, the size of solo cruise cabins could be an issue. Additionally, despite the fact that you should spend less than for a double, it is unlikely that you will pay half of what a double would cost.

Avalon Waterways, Scenic Luxury Cruises and Tours, and Emerald Waterways are examples of river cruise companies that provide certain itineraries with no single supplement options. Avalon Waterways is a Which? Recommended Provider. Scenic Luxury Cruises and Tours is also a Which? Recommended Provider.

Modify the settings for the default online search

When you look for a property using the majority of online travel brokers, such as,, or Expedia, they will automatically default to “two adults in room.” Therefore, modify the icon to reflect only one tenant and not two.

It is typically less expensive. For instance, when we investigated the cost of a weekend stay in Berlin during the fall, it was over £50 cheaper at a chic Prenzlauer Berg-neighborhood hotel when we specified only one person would be staying in the room rather than two.