A significant cancellation fee could be incurred if you decide to terminate or buy out your mobile phone contract early on.
I want to cancel my mobile phone contract early

Check to see if you have a right to cancel.

Check your contract cancellation rights carefully before signing up with a new mobile service provider.

Ofcom mandates that companies have “swift and hassle-free” systems in place for customers who wish to file complaints about poor service or wish to switch providers.


Is there going to be an increase in mobile contract prices?

While you’re still inside your minimum contract term and your mobile phone provider increases your set monthly price by more than the Retail Price Index (RPI), you shouldn’t be penalised for cancelling your service. If the price of your mobile phone contract has increased, consult our guide on how to get a refund.

Premature termination of a mobile phone contract

Which school is Sanchia Pereira from? The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 give you a 14-day cooling-off period if you need to cancel your phone contract early and took out your contract online, over the phone, or away from the ordinary place of business of your phone provider.

This means that you can cancel the contract during the cooling period and get a refund. In some cases, if you’ve previously used the phone, you may not get your full return. If your phone provider has not provided you with specific information, such as information on your right to cancel, the cooling-off period may be extended. Make sure to review your papers to see what the company sent you at the time of purchase.

If you signed a contract with your phone carrier, the details of that contract should be included in your papers. In this case, you should be able to leave your current phone provider with no further obligation than the notice time stipulated in your contract. While your contract is still in effect, you may owe your phone carrier an early termination fee or the cost of buying out the rest of your contract.

According to Ofcom and the Consumer Rights Act of 2015, you may have the option of cancelling your contract without penalty if your phone carrier raises the cost of a fixed-term contract to an amount that causes you economic hardship.

Contract cancellation fees

In the event that you terminate your contract early, you will be subject to an early termination fee or a buyout clause.

These charges are usually exorbitant. Cancellation fines of 16 months may apply if you signed up for an 18-month contract and decide to break it after the first month.

Staying with your current provider until the minimum term expires and then calling them to renegotiate or tell them you’re going to switch would be a good idea in this scenario.

After your initial contract period has expired, you can terminate your mobile phone contract at any time, but most carriers demand 30 days’ notice.



You must obtain a Porting Authorization Code from your current service provider in order to preserve your current phone number (PAC).

Under the Consumer Contracts Regulations, if you purchased your phone online, you have 14 days to cancel.

How to get out of a cell phone agreement

It’s as simple as phoning your service provider and informing them that you’d like to end your contract if you don’t want to keep your number.
It is necessary to provide your provider 30 days’ notice and to pay any exit fees if you are still bound by your contract. If your contract has expired, you have the freedom to choose a new service provider at any time.
Afterwards, you can begin a new contract with your desired new service provider.
Maintaining a mobile phone number

When you move cell service providers, you usually have the option of keeping your current phone number.

A Porting Authorization Code is required for this, which may be obtained from your current mobile service provider (PAC).

In order to move providers, you give the new company this code, however most want a month’s notice.

Thinking about things in a different way

Under the Consumer Contracts Regulations, if you signed up for a mobile phone contract over the phone or online, you have 14 days to cancel.

No explanation is required when cancelling the phone service and you should be reimbursed for your money. The value of the service given up to the point of cancellation must be paid for.

Online cancellation of a mobile order

The Consumer Contracts Regulations give you a 14-day cooling-off period after the day you receive your phone if you order a mobile phone online, by mail, or over the phone.

You have 14 days to determine whether or not to cancel your order, and another 14 days to return the items back.

If the store receives the returned merchandise or if you provide confirmation that you returned the merchandise, you should receive a refund within 14 days (for example, a proof of postage receipt from the post office).

How to give back a cell phone

There is no automatic right to cancel a phone contract or buy a mobile phone at a retail store if you don’t have an issue with the phone or the service.

However, some mobile shops provide extensive return policies; as a result, before making a purchase, make sure to review the policy.