Find all of the most recent insulation grant opportunities and free insulation offers in this convenient location. Find out whether or not you are eligible, as well as the best ways to pay for insulating your home, so that you may reduce the amount of money you spend on your monthly energy costs.

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Insulation not only helps your home feel cosier but also reduces the amount of money you have to spend on your monthly energy bills. However, the installation of insulation can be expensive, therefore it is important to investigate whether or not you are eligible for a grant to assist you with the financial burden of installing insulation in your home.

Because of the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) Scheme, certain energy providers now have the ability to provide free insulation as well as grants that can assist homeowners in increasing the energy efficiency of their homes. Even if your energy provider doesn’t offer it, the following is an estimate of how much money you could save on your monthly energy expenses by installing insulation:

The cost of loft insulation (270 millimetres) ranges from £135 to £250 per year.

Insulation of the floor might save between £30 and £75 per year.

Cavity wall insulation can cost anything from £85 to £280 per year to maintain.

Your ability to save money is directly proportional to the size and composition of your home, as well as the level of energy efficiency it already possesses. It is recommended that you install insulation since it will eventually pay for itself through the reductions in the amount of money you spend on your monthly energy bills.

Continue reading if you are in need of aid with the initial expense of installing insulation so that you can learn more about the assistance that is available.

Are insulation grants still available?

Under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) programme, some energy companies are required to offer free loft and cavity wall insulation, as well as grants toward the cost of installing such insulation. Learn more by reading our comprehensive guide on free loft insulation offered by energy providers.

Through the Affordable Warmth Scheme, you may be eligible to receive financial assistance in the form of a grant for the installation of insulation or a new boiler if you are currently receiving certain benefits.

Insulation grants

Investing money into the insulation

If you do not qualify for a grant, the manner in which you will be able to pay for insulation work will be determined by the price of the work as well as your specific circumstances.

It is possible for you to perform straightforward insulation work on your own for a reasonable cost, such as draught proofing and loft insulation. For larger works that require a professional installer, the cost can range anywhere from approximately £345 for cavity wall insulation in a flat to approximately £7,400 for internal solid wall insulation. Cavity wall insulation in a flat costs approximately £345.

See our separate guides on the following topics to learn about the costs, savings, and payback timeframes associated with the various insulation jobs:

insulation in the loft

insulation in the wall cavities

insulation with solid walls

insulation for the floor

insulation for the roof

protection against draughts

Insulation grants

Using your credit card or your mortgage payment to pay for insulation.

You might also pay for the insulation with a credit card that doesn’t charge you any interest on purchases and make the payments over the course of the contract you have with your credit card company. You may also give some thought to the possibility of increasing your mortgage in order to finance larger and more pricey home modifications.