Customers of John Lewis have grown accustomed to expecting excellent customer service; however, is this something that can be expected when purchasing carpet? Investigate the opinions of those who have purchased its carpet.

John Lewis Carpets

John Lewis Carpets

According to the results of our 2019 survey of carpet shops, John Lewis received an impressive customer score of 81%. It is ranked second in our table, below the independent retailers who receive 90% of the market share. When we polled customers about their experiences with specific aspects of the carpet-buying process, John Lewis received four out of five stars in every category, with the exception of its selection of carpets, which received only three stars. John Lewis is a great option to go with if you are in the market for a new carpet, value excellent customer service in-store, and want dependable delivery. Find out how other companies fared in our overall best carpet retailers ranking for their selection of carpets if you are most concerned with the breadth of the options available to you.

81%  customer score

2nd place out of a total of 4 carpet shops

The opinions of members regarding John Lewis carpets

The high customer score that John Lewis has received is reflected in many of the comments made by people who took part in our survey. “Excellent in both quality and service, as usual.” “Everything went swimmingly from the very beginning to the very end.” However, a few of its customers did share some unfavourable experiences with the installation.

“A terrible fit overall. Extremely challenging to have meaningful conversations with centralised customer service.”

“Even though the job required lifting heavy furniture, the fitter brought along only a young child with him.

When he attempted to move the table on his own, he managed to break one of the legs. It was necessary for me to step in to prevent further injury and damage.”

The John Lewis Carpet Collection

In addition to carrying its own brand of carpets, John Lewis carries a selection of other reputable manufacturers’ collections as well, such as Alternative Flooring, Brintons, and Westex. In addition to that, it sells underlay. Prices can range from more than £95 per square metre for a high-end velvet carpet all the way down to approximately £14 per square metre for an own-brand twist carpet.

The price of an underlay ranges from £6.50 to £12 per square metre. If you spend more than one thousand pounds, you have the option of receiving interest-free credit. You have the option of spreading the cost over a period of twelve months, or if the total cost is greater than three thousand pounds, you have the option of spreading the cost over a period of twenty-four months.

Warranty on carpets sold by John Lewis

Every category of carpet comes with a warranty that covers installation for two years.

Service for delivery and installation performed by John Lewis

To ensure that your carpets are installed properly, John Lewis only recommends using approved fitters from John Lewis & Partners. You will be given the opportunity to schedule a free in-home estimate appointment, during which they will immediately compute your estimate. After that, you’ll be able to schedule and pay for your fitting appointment.

Complaints procedure at John Lewis & Partners for Carpets

In the event that you are dissatisfied with the level of service provided by John Lewis, your first port of call should be the company’s customer service team, which can be reached at 03456 100 359. If you feel that your complaint has not been resolved to your satisfaction, you can get in touch with the company’s head of customer service, who can be reached at one of the following addresses:

Email: Head of customer

Send letters or faxes to the following address: Head of Customer Service John Lewis & Partners 171 Victoria Street London SW1E 5NN