Examen: Lexus LS (2007–2012)

Price based on Test ScoreShow Context £8,954 84%


key attributes

Large Only Used
entire hybrid


Comparison finding: Comfortable but expensive to operate

The LS is tough to beat if you’re looking for the best executive transport. We can’t, however, endorse it because it was not put through the Euro NCAP crash tests when it was still a new vehicle.

extremely peaceful and cosy
Excellent ride/handling balance
Completely outfitted Cons
High operating expenses
pricey to acquire
a few tricky devices

Review of the Lexus LS (2012–2017)

Price based on Test ScoreShow Context £19,393 82%

key attributes

Large Only Used
entire hybrid

Comparative conclusion: Not up to par

It is unquestionably a beautiful, opulent executive cruiser, but considering the astronomically high buying price, we would anticipate nearly flawlessness. Sadly, it falls short in a significant aspect.

Positives Ample and opulent
convenient suspension
fantastic active safety features
quite pricey to purchase and maintain
Small boot Limited usefulness

Review of the 2012–2018 Lexus GS


Price based on Test ScoreShow Context 79% £13,891

key attributes

Large Only Used
entire hybrid

Verdict on comparison: Worth careful thought

a vehicle that actually distinguishes itself from its competitors. Although the fuel efficiency isn’t as good as you might anticipate from a hybrid, the GS is still deserving of consideration.

high-end riding comfort
Cons of a seamless hybrid system
Adaptability lacking boot

Review of Polestar 2 (2020-)

Price based on Test ScoreShow Context £39,900 79%


key atributes

a large selection of fresh electric

Verdict on the comparison: A thrilling competitor from Volvo’s premium brand

The Polestar 2 performs admirably. It seems very upscale inside, is quite secure and simple to operate, and has a straightforward operating menu. However, given the high energy consumption and the fact that the tested range is in no way comparable to the claims, the picture is not altogether rosy. The Polestar 2 is still a Which? Best Buy in spite of these concerns.

Pros Outstanding performance
Safe feeling of high quality Cons
high level of energy use
worse than claimed range
Ride comfort is ruined by the performance pack.

Review of the BMW 5-series GT (2009–2017)

Price based on Test ScoreShow Context £9,110 78%

key attributes

Large Only Used Petrol, Diesel, and Mild Hybrid

Verdict in comparison: A more useful 5 Series

The GT hatchback is primarily concerned with utility. Despite this, the boot capacity is meagre unless you struggle to fold the back seats. The GT handles exceptionally well, much like other models in the 5 Series line. However, the GT is more expensive than the saloon.

high calibre
good security
Outstanding handling and performance Cons
pricey to acquire
High operating expenses
Unsatisfactory luggage area

Review of the BMW 5-series (2010–2017)

Price based on Test ScoreShow Context £9,164 77%

key attributes

Large Only Used Petrol, Diesel, and Mild Hybrid

comparison finding: Exceptionally amazing luxury option

Regardless of whether you choose a gasoline or diesel engine, the BMW 5 Series is really enjoyable to drive. Despite being more economical, diesel vehicles lack some of the inspiration of their gasoline counterparts. Excellent steering and handling are provided. The only genuine complaints are that it can be difficult to adjust to the inside and the visibility.

Advantages Powerful engines
Fantastic to drive, impressive construction
Pricey alternatives
difficult iDrive
difficult to find the ideal sitting position

Review of BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo (2017–2020)

Price based on Test ScoreShow Context £37,110 76%

key attributes

Large Only Used Petrol, Diesel, and Mild Hybrid

Verdict in comparison: Hits all the high notes

The 6 Series GT is a peculiar creature that combines elements of a luxury limo with a practical hatchback. It seats five passengers very comfortably and has plenty of room for their belongings. The excellent passenger and driving experience and some of the best technology available from BMW make up for its high price. It deserves to be a Which? Top Shop.

fantastic to drive
excellent comfort
Highly useful Cons
pricey to acquire
several expensive options

Review of the BMW 7-series (2008-2015)

Price based on Test ScoreShow Context £6,985 76%


key attributes

Large Only Used Petrol, Diesel, and Mild Hybrid

Compare the decision: driver appeal for a limousine

The 7 Series is the flagship model in the BMW lineup, fusing powerful engines with an opulent limousine interior. This model of the 7 Series boasts all the technology necessary to uphold the heritage of the 7 Series being popular with people who want to drive themselves rather than be driven.

Pros Solid construction
excellent handling and ride
elevated depreciation
emaciated gasoline engines
poor ability to see behind
Ineffective boot

Review of Alpina D3 (2006-2012)

Price based on Test ScoreShow Context £4,336 76%

key attributes

Large Only Used Petrol, Diesel, and Mild Hybrid

Verdict on the comparison: Impressive in terms of both performance and style

The D3 provides an exceptional blend of fashionable design and thrilling performance. The improvements provide an excellent driving experience, yet the sophistication and craftsmanship of the base BMW 3 Series are never compromised. This is a Which? Top Shop.

Fast and enjoyable to drive
comparatively affordable
Expensive and uncommon Cons
stout ride
a two-year warranty only
possibly expensive to fix

Review of the 2013– Lexus IS

Price based on Test ScoreShow Context 76% £31,018

key attributes

Large Only Used
entire hybrid

Verdict compared: Emissions worries ruin the party

Best Buy honour taken away. Although it’s a very good car, we discovered that the Lexus IS would not pass any EU emissions standards developed this century since it releases so much CO (carbon monoxide) during our tests. Therefore, we are unable to suggest it.

sophisticated and cosy
Hybrid is extremely affordable in town Drawbacks
No option for diesel
Poor hybrid highway economy
Incomprehensible controls

Review of the Mercedes-Benz S-class Hybrid (2014–2018)

Price from Test ScoreShow Context 76% £23,470

key attributes

Large Only Used
entire hybrid

The comparative judgement is that performance, luxury, and cost-effectiveness have been integrated.

The S-Class Plug-In Hybrid version is one of the most refined automobiles on the market today, and it accomplishes its duties with a level of simple simplicity. In addition to that, it provides passengers with an exceptional level of comfort and space. The fuel efficiency in real-world driving conditions is disheartening, and the reduction in trunk room is also a bummer.

Pros Economical, and there are no pollutants from the tailpipes when driving about town
The pinnacle of elegant refinement Cons
Extremely high in cost.
Tiny little boot
Poor visibility

Evaluation of the Toyota Mirai (2021-)

Price based on Test score = £49,995Show Context Score = 76%

Identifying characteristics

Large Available new Hydrogen (Fuel Cell)

To compare, the verdict: evidence that hydrogen is effective

The Mirai has a significant advantage over competitors that rely solely on battery power because it performs similarly to conventional automobiles in terms of driving range and the amount of time required to refuel, while at the same time emitting no exhaust fumes. However, there are some drawbacks to consider, including the difficulty in locating refuelling stations and the fact that the majority of hydrogen is still produced from fossil fuels. In spite of this, Toyota has provided compelling evidence that cars powered by hydrogen can, in fact, function.

Pros Zero tailpipe emissions
Longer range than battery-powered electric vehicles
Lack of hydrogen fueling stations, cramped cargo space, and rear seat legroom restrictions

BMW 6-series (2012-2018) review

£15,442Price based on test scoreShow context 75% of the total

Identifying characteristics

Large Only Fueled by Gasoline, Diesel, or a Mild Hybrid

The conclusion is that it is more functional than a conventional coupé.

The Gran Coupé is impressively quick, nimble while remaining secure in its handling, and refined in addition. It excels on almost every front. Although it only has four seats, it is roomy enough for four adults and has seats that have been very thoughtfully designed. We are unable to provide a recommendation for it due to the absence of a Euro NCAP rating.

Outstanding work, according to the pros
Reasonable fuel efficiency (640d)
Excellent seating, but at a high price
Poor visibility
Can be a burden to carry around the city

Evaluation of the Toyota Camry Hybrid (2019-2021)

Price based on the Test Score is £32,127. Show Context 75%


Identifying characteristics

Only for large scale use.
Full hybrid

 The verdict is in, and it’s a relaxing, high-quality hybrid.

The Camry has made a triumphant return. The most recent large saloon from Toyota is very simple to operate and comfortable to live with. It also features hybrid technology that improves fuel economy and refinement, and it comes with a warranty that is good for five years and the manufacturer’s rock-solid reputation for dependability. If you are not interested in having a thrilling driving experience or have a need to tow something, we have no problem recommending the Toyota Camry as the model that offers the best value for your money.

Good fuel efficiency
a cabin that is roomy and comfortable.
Cons conforming to the standard definition
There is no capacity for towing.
Performance in the brakes that is only average

There is not yet a review of Apple Carplay or Android Auto for the Toyota Mirai (2015-2021).

0 based on the price of the test Show context 75%


Identifying characteristics

Large Amounts of Only Hydrogen Were Used (Fuel Cell)

A commendable option in comparison to electric vehicles powered by batteries

If you are looking for a car that will reduce the amount of damage you do to the environment, the Toyota Mirai is an excellent option to consider. The only emission it produces when it is in use is water, but despite this, it is much more practical to use on a daily basis than the majority of electric cars due to the fact that its range is good and it can be refuelled quickly rather than having to be plugged in for a number of hours. It is possible that it will be quite some time before fuel cell technology becomes widespread, but the Mirai is at the forefront of this emerging field.

Pros Zero tailpipe emissions
Built to last, with a wide firing range Pros
Extremely high in cost.
Lack of hydrogen fuelling stations
compromised space for booting up

Lexus RC (2015-) review

Price based on the Test Score is £63,892Show Context 75%


Identifying characteristics

Large Used only Petrol/Diesel/Mild hybrid

 Contrast this with the verdict: a striking coupé with some issues related to its usability

The RC is a credible alternative to the two-door coupés made in Germany that currently dominate the market because it is well built, has a good driving experience, and is luxurious. Although it has an ostentatious appearance, its primary function is one of cruising rather than an overtly athletic one.

Advantages Extremely well made
Safe handling Comfortable
Cons Having Adequate Equipment
Can experience feelings of thirst
Tiny space in the back

Evaluation of the Mercedes-Benz S-class (2013-2021)

Price based on the Test Score is £78,775Show Context 75%


Identifying characteristics

Large Vehicles that can only run on gasoline, diesel, or a mild hybrid

The conclusion is that supreme technology, comfort, and safety have been achieved.

Even the engine with the least amount of power available in the lineup is able to shift the S-class gearbox with relative ease. It does not have a particularly dynamic feel when turning, but it is very secure and incredibly comfortable. In addition, as one might anticipate from a vehicle in the S-class lineup, it is loaded to the gills with cutting-edge technological accoutrements and offers a generous amount of cabin space.

Advantages Innovative and forward-thinking safety technology
Supreme ride comfort Fabulous engines
Expenses of operation that are not cheap
Inadequate functionality in the boot
Poor visibility

Lexus ES (2019-) review

Price based on the test score is £34,166. Show context 75%


Identifying characteristics

Large Available new Full hybrid

Compare and contrast the verdict: the epitome of luxury and excellence

The Lexus ES is capable of performing all of the primary executive car duties. It is modern, fairly refined, and packed with the most recent technology and equipment, making it extremely comfortable. In addition to this, it is extremely well made, and it is constructed entirely out of high-quality materials. It is a well-deserved That or Which? Best Buy.

Excellent build quality
Fully stocked with all necessary components
Extremely risk-free pros.
Complex controls
There is no capacity for towing.

Evaluation of the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe (2014-2021)

Price based on Test score: £40,472 (74% of total) Show Context


Identifying characteristics

Large Vehicles that can only run on gasoline, diesel, or a mild hybrid

 The verdict is comparable: an accomplished, specialised five-door coupé with an emissions problem.

The BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé is an exceptionally capable automobile. The fact that it has five doors gives the impression that it is practical; however, in reality, its low roofline and narrow boot limit its usability somewhat. The 4 Series Gran Coupé lives up to BMW’s reputation as a manufacturer of drivers’ cars by providing a wide selection of powerful engines, excellent transmissions, and secure handling.

Outstanding traction and control are two positive aspects.
Reasonably useful and impressive in terms of safety Drawbacks

Review of the BMW 6-series coupe (2011-2017 model years) finding the back seats to be cramped and the standard equipment to be inadequate.

£16,611Price based on test score74% of the overall context


Identifying characteristics

Large Vehicles that can only run on gasoline, diesel, or a mild hybrid

Classic GT with a touch of athleticism is the comparative verdict

The 6 Series Coupé is a joy to pilot thanks to its large and refined engines that produce a lot of thrust. Although the handling is not particularly sharp, the ride quality is excellent, and the interior is very comfortable. The front seats of the 6 Series are comfortable and roomy, while the back seats are more congested.

It’s a joy to drive here.
Fuel-efficient for a big coupé
Consistently powerful engines Pros
Numerous safety systems incur additional costs.
Limited space in the trunk and the rear seats