You can make use of this sample letter to reject the offer made by your insurer on your claim and ask for a new offer if you have grounds for believing that the offer is too low.

[Your address]

[Location of the company]


[Please refer to the insurance number]

I want to thank you for the letter you sent on 2022, in which you offered only [£…] in regard to the [item], which was [details of loss or damage] on [day].

Since I received your offer, I have discovered a valuation certificate that was created by [valuer] and dated 2022. According to the certificate, the [item] is worth [£…].

In light of this value, of which a copy has been provided, I believe that your offer is too low, and I urge that you review my claim.

Within the next two weeks, I look forward to reviewing the updated version of your offer.

Sincerely, yours in service,