You are not guaranteed a refund in the event that the business for which you have vouchers goes out of business; however, you have the right to request one. Make a request for the return of your money using this letter.

[Your home location and phone number, including area code]

[E-mail address of the Administrator]


Dear Sir/Madam,

Reference: [the number on the voucher and the name of the shop]

[Gift card or voucher] with a value of [xx £] has been enclose for your convenience.

It was purchased from a [fill in the name of the store] on or before [fill in the date].

Because the [name of the store] has recently been placed into administration, I will no longer be able to use my [voucher or gift card].



I would appreciate it if you could send a check or money order for the same amount as the voucher to the address I listed above.

Sincerely, yours in service,