The free tool that we provide converts between litres and gallons, allowing you to precisely estimate how much fuel you will need to fill up your tank.

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If you want to get a better idea of how efficiently your vehicle uses fuel, you can convert between miles per gallon and litres here. This will allow you to make a more informed assessment of how efficiently your vehicle uses fuel.

By recreating the conditions of a rolling road in a laboratory, the real mpg of a vehicle can be determined during testing. This ensures that every vehicle can be evaluated in the same manner and under the same conditions.

You are able to see how the mpg could affect your pocket depending on the roads you typically drive on because the test roads simulate city, out-of-town, and highway driving, which is something that the official tests do not do. This is because the test roads imitate city, out-of-town, and motorway driving.

Petrol prices

According to the results of our tests, the fuel economy readings on many car trip computers are inaccurate.

You will be able to determine the total amount of fuel that was consumed during recent trips, as well as the total amount of money that was spent on those trips individually.