Find inspiration in our loft conversion ideas gallery, and learn clever design tips and tricks to help you make the most of your new space.

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Lofts aren’t just handy for storing Christmas lights and dusty heirlooms – a well-designed conversion is one of the most cost-effective ways to gain more living space and can add value to your home. Whether it’s a new home office, an extra bedroom or a family area that you want, our loft conversion ideas gallery will help to inspire you. Below, we’ve included some key design tips and tricks to help you transform your loft from a rarely visited storage space to a part of your home you’ll want to show off.

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Loft conversion ideas

Living room in loft conversion - with vaulted wood ceiling


Loft conversion design ideas

The sloping ceilings and awkward angles typical of loft spaces might seem challenging, but a cleverly designed layout and some nifty features can make all the difference.

Use transparent materials

Using glass and other transparent materials as much as possible throughout your new loft space will bring in light and help to emphasise the sense of space.

Showcase the stairs

The staircase that leads to your loft can take up a sizeable chunk of the space on the floor below, so consider making a feature of it. Spiral staircases are a good solution for saving space, and installing a bookcase underneath diagonal stairs can be a great way to gain extra storage.

Frame a view

One of the best things about being up in the rafters is the panoramic views you’ll have from your new vantage point. Make the most of them with strategically positioned windows.

Make the most of original features

If you live in a character property, take advantage of bare brickwork and timber beams to offset modern interiors.

Use every inch of space

Make slanting ceilings work for you by positioning baths in areas with low head heights or using tight spaces for storage.

Don’t neglect the exterior

The interior of your loft can look as beautiful as can be, but if you haven’t thought about the outside too, you could risk creating an eyesore on top of your house. If you live in a Victorian property, zinc and aluminium cladding and window frames work well with the older brickwork – check out the image in the gallery above.

Think outside the box

Loft conversions are most commonly used as extra bedrooms, but they don’t have to be – attic spaces can be transformed into stunning offices, dining areas or family rooms.