Baby Transport

Nuna Mixx

What is it?

A pushchair with all-terrain tires that’s suitable to use from birth up to 20kg, which is around five or six years old. The seat is reversible, so you can have your baby facing you when they’re small. When they’re older you can swap it around so they can face the world.

The seat reclines far enough to use with newborns, to create a lie-flat position that’s best for very young babies. If you prefer, there’s the Nuna Mixx carrycot available for an extra £150 (at the time of writing). The Mixx is travel system compatible, too, which means you can use it with the Nuna Pipa Icon baby car seat. Follow the link to see what our crash tests revealed about this car seat.

It doesn’t have a bucket seat, which is a plus point. And pushchairs that can fold with the seat facing either direction always win over our parent testers as they’re so much more convenient to use.

What’s it like to push?

Our parent testers and pushchair experts get hands-on with each pushchair we test. They take each one around a specially designed test course that replicates gravelly car parks, uneven grass, curbs, and tight corners – all the terrains a decent pushchair needs to tackle.

The Mixx is super-easy to navigate over pavements and has no trouble nipping around whatever obstacles your daily route puts in your way. It’s not quite as impressive on off-road surfaces, such as uneven grassy areas, where you’ll need a bit more effort to push it.

Is it straightforward to use with your child?

The handlebars are adjustable, with heights between 102 and 111cm, so it should suit parents or caregivers of different heights. It’s a good shape and comfortable to grip.

The seat is well-padded all around and reclines to more than 150 degrees, creating an optimum lie-flat position best for newborns, as well as a comfy place for older babies and toddlers to snooze. The seat features a simple one-hand recline, and there are five recline positions that are easy to swap between – even one-handed.

The seat is spacious but the width may be a bit small for larger children – especially with bulky winter clothing on.

The carrycot, if you choose to buy one, is well padded and there’s plenty of space to accommodate a baby up to six months of age.

It comes with a five-point harness to help keep your little one in place; both the buckle and the straps are easy to use. It can be a bit tricky adjusting the height as the straps are fiddly to get through the holes at the back of the pushchair.

Is it safe and sturdy?

It was sturdy enough to pass our structural testing in 2017.

Should I buy it?

Yes, this is a great all-around stroller that’s easy to use and push.

Maxi Cosi Nova 4 Wheels

What is it?

It’s a travel system-compatible pushchair that can be used from birth when used with the Maxi-Cosi baby cocoon (£45), which creates a pram-format for your newborn to lie in, or Maxi-Cosi Oria carrycot (£165). It can be used until a child is 15kg, which is around three years old.

It’s travel-system compatible, so can be used with the following Maxi Cosi baby car seats; Pebble Plus, Rock, Pebble, CabrioFix and Citi. Find out if any of these are Best Buy car seats and how they fare in our tough crash tests.

This pushchair is available in seven different colours, including grey, blue, purple, cream and black.

What’s it like to push?

This pushchair has big all-terrain wheels with puncture-proof tyres, and can cope with any surface with ease. It’s smooth and easy to control, even on the bumpiest terrain.

It’s also really easy to manoeuvre and turn, although it doesn’t have a tight turning circle due to its width. Although heavy, it’s not too much of a problem to tip back and lift up kerbs.

Is it straightforward to use?

The handlebar is comfortable to hold and easy to adjust in height – it’s possible to raise it by a fair amount, so it’s ideal if you and your partner are different heights.

There are two well-sized brake pedals, which are colour-coded. But there’s one for engaging and another for disengaging, and the alternate action can take some getting used to.

It has a good-sized and well-padded seat that’s also reversible, so your child can be parent-facing or world-facing. The buckle is simple to fasten and it’s easy to adjust all of the straps, including the shoulder height.

The backrest is a little short, but it’s easy to recline with one hand using the lever, and it’s simple to adjust the leg rest.

It’s really easy to attach and detach the seat so you can swap it at a whim. It comes with car seat adaptors which are easy to attach, as well as a car seat. Similarly, there’s no problem changing to a carrycot, which doesn’t require adaptors.

Is it easy to fold, transport and store?

It’s a doddle to fold the Nova using the foot pedal. There’s an extra-compact fold if you pull in the wheels, but it doesn’t make too much difference to its size.

This pushchair is heavy, large and bulky when folded, clocking in at 16.5kg. It’s not ideal for public transport because of this and it might not fit in your car boot if you drive a small car.

Is it safe and sturdy?

The zip came off the Maxi Cosi carrycot during our testing, which could pose a choking risk.

The shopping basket has good access, but the rear wall is a little flimsy and it can only take 2kg, which is below average for the travel-system pushchairs we’ve tested. A 2kg capacity is generally what we see on strollers.

Is there anything else I should know?

It takes nearly 10 minutes to set up this pushchair as you have to attach the rear wheels, front axle, seat unit and shopping basket.

Maxi-Cosi gives you the option of buying a three- or four-wheel Nova stroller, however it’s not possible to switch between the two modes as the front-wheel fork is not sold as a separate accessory.

Should I buy it?

Yes. It’s an excellent travel system-compatible pushchair, with a unique folding method and lots of versatility.

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 double

Which? verdict: Compact for a double and easy to use

The Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double is a Best Buy. It’s not the highest-scoring double buggy, but it’s easy to use, light and nippy for a double and it’s compact when folded. You’ll have no problems driving it around urban areas and tight spaces, but it doesn’t cope that well with uneven terrain, so you might want to give it a miss if you’re after a double pushchair to take on long country walks. We’d also advise trying it out before buying, to check that the fixed handlebar is comfortable for you to hold.

  • Light and nippy for a double
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Large shopping basket
  • One-hand recline
  • Compact when folded
  • Smooth to drive over pavements
  • Suitable from birth
  • Heavy to push over uneven surfaces
  • Narrow seats
  • Uncomfortable fixed handlebar
  • Thin seat padding
  • Brake pedal could be bigger

What is it?

It’s a compact double buggy with two side-by-side seats that are suitable from birth until your children reach 15kg, which is usually around three years old.

It can’t be used with car seats, but the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double carrycot (£110 each) can be fastened to the seats so it can be used as a pram.

It’s available in black or navy.

What’s it like to push?

The City Tour 2 Double is easy to manoeuvre, and it turns well in tight spaces. It’s smooth to push over pavements and, for a double buggy, it’s surprisingly easy to go up and down kerbs.

This pushchair has front-wheel suspension, but the wheels themselves are small. It struggles and feels heavy to push over bumpy surfaces – for example, gravel, uneven grass, park wood chips and off-road terrain. It’s therefore much more suited to urban environments than to the countryside.

The handlebar is fixed at 103cm high, and both the parent testers and lab experts found it uncomfortable to hold, due to the sweaty rubber material and grooves.

The brake pedal is easy to use, although we thought it could be slightly bigger.

Is it straightforward to use with your child?

The seats are a little narrow, but other than that they are a good size. They could do with more padding, especially at the sides where there’s none, although the harnesses are nicely padded.

The buckles are easy to fasten and unfasten, and it’s easy to adjust the lengths of the straps. You have to go through the backrest to alter the shoulder height, but it’s relatively easy to do.

The seats can lie flat enough to be suitable for babies under six months old, and it’s easy to recline them using the toggle mechanism, but it’s awkward to raise the seat back up if a child is sitting in it.

It’s easy to adjust the leg rest and it gives good support, but the one-hand mechanism is difficult to reach if the leg rest is down.

Is it easy to fold, transport and store?

It’s easy to fold and unfold the City Tour 2 Double. There’s a self-catching clip to keep it neatly together, but you can’t lift it by the handlebar, as it doesn’t lock into place.

For a double it’s pretty light, weighing 10.6kg. It’s compact, too, and will easily fit in a family-sized car boot with lots of room for other things to go alongside.

Is it safe and sturdy?

Although it’s easy to attach carrycots to the seat, be careful as the carrycots can detach easily because the release lever can be activated with very little force.

Is there anything else I should know?

The hood is reasonably sized, and it has a zip-out extension to make it larger, as well as a small viewing window in each hood. But the window has a noisy Velcro strip that may wake your little ones if they are sleeping.

It’s easy to attach and detach a carrycot using the adaptors, which are labelled so you know which side to put them.

The shopping basket is spacious and sturdy. It can hold a maximum weight of 5kg, and it’s easy to access, even when the seat is reclined.

Should I buy it?

Yes, it’s a Best Buy and worth considering if you’re after a double pushchair and you live in an urban area.