Baby Transport

Nuna Mixx

What exactly is it?

A stroller equipped with all-terrain tyres that can be used beginning at birth and continuing until the child weighs 20 kg, or until they are approximately five or six years old. Because the seat can be turned around, you can position your child so that they are facing you when they are very little. You may turn it around for them when they are older so that they are facing the outside world.

The seat can be reclined all the way back to a lie-flat position, which is ideal for very young infants and can be used even with brand new babies. If the Nuna Mixx carrycot is more to your liking, it may be yours for an additional cost of £150. (at the time of writing). The Mixx is also compatible with travel systems, so you’ll be able to use it with the Nuna Pipa Icon infant car seat if you choose to do so. Please click on the link to view the results of our crash tests for this child safety seat.

One of its strong points is that it does not come with a bucket seat. And the strollers that can fold with the seat facing in either direction are always the ones that get the most positive reviews from our parent testers because they are so much easier to use.

How does it feel to exert force?

Each and every pushchair that we examine is put through its paces by our parent testers as well as our stroller experts. They push each one across a carefully created test course that simulates gravelly car parks, uneven grass, curbs, and tight curves. These are the types of terrain that a good pushchair should be able to navigate.

The Mixx is quite simple to operate over paved surfaces and has no issue navigating around any obstacles that may be in the path of you on your typical commute. On off-road conditions, such as uneven grassy regions, where you’ll need to push it with a bit more effort, it is not quite as spectacular as it is on paved roads.

Is it simple to implement with your youngster in your household?

Because the height of the handlebars may be adjusted between 102 and 111 centimetres, it should be comfortable for parents and other caregivers of varying heights. It has a pleasant form, and its grip is easy to get a hold of.

The seat is cushioned all the way around and can recline to more than 150 degrees, making it possible to create an ideal lie-flat posture that is optimal for newborns as well as a comfortable location for older babies and toddlers to sleep. The seat can be easily reclined with one hand, and moving between any of the five different reclining settings is done with minimal effort, even while using just one hand.

The depth of the seat is generous, but the width may be too constricting for larger children, particularly when they are wearing bulky winter attire.

In the event that you do decide to purchase a carrycot, it is well padded, and there is sufficient room inside for a young child of up to six months old.

It comes with a five-point harness that you can use to help secure your child in place, and both the buckle and the straps are simple to operate. Because the straps are difficult and need to be threaded through the eyelets at the back of the pushchair, altering the height of the seat can be a bit of a challenge.

Is it dependable and strong?

It was robust enough to pass the structural evaluation that we conducted in 2017.

Should I make the purchase?

Yes, this is a wonderful stroller that excels in all aspects and is simple to operate and manoeuvre.

Maxi Cosi Nova 4 Wheels

What exactly is it?

It is a travel system-compatible pushchair that can be used from birth when coupled with the Maxi-Cosi baby cocoon (£45), which produces a pram-format for your infant to lie in, or the Maxi-Cosi Oria carrycot (£165). This allows you to use the pushchair from the moment your child is born. A child can continue to wear it until they weigh 15 kilogrammes, which is typically around the age of three.

Because it is compatible with travel systems, you can use it with the Maxi Cosi Pebble Plus, Rock, Pebble, CabrioFix, and Citi baby car seats. Find out which of them are considered to be the Best Buy car seats, as well as how they performed in our rigorous crash tests.

This stroller may be purchased in a total of seven distinct colours, some of which are grey, blue, purple, cream, and black.

How does it feel to exert force?

This stroller is designed to easily navigate any terrain thanks to its large wheels that are suitable for all types of terrain and tyres that are resistant to punctures. Even over the roughest terrain, it remains easy to manage and has a smooth ride.

It is also quite simple to manoeuvre and turn, despite the fact that due to its breadth, it does not have a very tight turning circle. Even though they are hefty, tipping back and lifting up kerbs is not a particularly difficult task.

Does it have a user-friendly interface?

The handlebar is not only easy to alter in height, but it is also quite comfortable to grasp. Because it is possible to elevate it by a good lot, it is an excellent choice if you and your partner have different heights.

There are two brake pedals, each of which is a good size, and they are color-coded. However, there is one for engaging and another for disengaging, and it may take some getting used to the alternative action in order to become comfortable with it.

Because the seat is reversible as well as being of a sufficient size and padding, your youngster will have the option of either facing you or the outside world. It is not difficult to secure the clasp, and all of the straps, including the one that sits on the shoulder, can be easily adjusted.

Although the backrest could be a little longer, using the lever to recline the chair just requires one hand, and making adjustments to the leg rest is not difficult at all.

Because it is so simple to attach and detach the seat, you are free to change it whenever the mood strikes you. In addition to a car seat, it also includes car seat adaptors that may be attached quickly and easily. In a same vein, switching to a carrycot, which does not call for any adaptors, is simple and uncomplicated.

Is it simple to fold up, move around, and put away?

When you use the foot pedal, collapsing the Nova is a piece of cake. If you pull in the wheels, there is an extra-compact fold that you can perform, but it doesn’t make that much of a difference to the size of it.

When folded, this stroller weighs 16.5 kilogrammes and has a huge, cumbersome profile due to its size and design. Because of this, it is not suitable for taking public transportation, and depending on the size of your vehicle, the trunk may not be able to accommodate it.

Is it dependable and strong?

During our testing, the zip on the Maxi Cosi carrycot became detached, which creates the potential for a choking hazard.

The shopping basket is easy to access, although the back wall is a bit weak, and it has a capacity of only 2 kilogrammes, which is below the average for the travel-system pushchairs that we’ve evaluated. In most cases, strollers have a carrying capacity of two kg.

Is there anything more that you think I ought to be aware of?

Due to the fact that you have to attach the rear wheels, front axle, seat unit, and shopping basket, putting together this pushchair will take you close to ten minutes.

The Nova stroller from Maxi-Cosi can be purchased with either three or four wheels; however, it is not possible to swap between the three-wheel and four-wheel modes because the front-wheel fork is not available as a separate component.

Should I make the purchase?

Yes. It has a one-of-a-kind folding technology and a wide range of adaptability, making it a superb pushchair that is compatible with travel systems.

Double Baby Jogging Stroller City Tour 2

verdict: very portable for a double and simple to operate

The Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double is a worthy contender for the title of Best Buy. It is not the double stroller with the greatest score, but it is simple to operate, light and quick for a double, and it folds up into a small space when it is not in use. You won’t have much trouble manoeuvring it around congested neighbourhoods or other confined areas, but because it doesn’t handle bumpy terrain all that well, you might want to look elsewhere if you’re looking for a double stroller to take with you on extended hikes in the countryside. In addition, we recommend giving it a test run before making a purchase so that you can determine whether or not the fixed handlebar is easy on your hands.


For a double, something light and refreshing
Simple in terms of manoeuvring
Large shopping basket
Recline with a single hand
Folded up, it takes up less space.
Pavements that are easy to drive over.
Cons: Not appropriate for infants
It is difficult to push because to the uneven surfaces.
Constrained legroom
Uncomfortable bar that’s fixed in place
Seating with minimal cushioning
Brake pedal may be bigger

What exactly is it?

It is a double stroller that may be used beginning at birth and continuing until your children weigh 15 kilogrammes, which is often around the age of three years old. The buggy has two seats that are placed side-by-side.

It is not compatible with car seats, but the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double carrycots, which cost £110 each, can be attached to the seats so that the stroller can be utilised as a stroller.

It can be purchased in either black or navy.

What’s it feel to push?

The City Tour 2 Double is simple to manoeuvre, and it is able to make sharp turns even in confined areas. It is easy to push over cobblestones and, considering it is a double stroller, it is surprisingly simple to manoeuvre up and down curbs.

This stroller has suspension on the front wheels, but the wheels themselves are on the smaller side. When pushed over uneven or bumpy surfaces, such as gravel, uneven grass, park wood chips, or off-road terrain, it is difficult to do so and has a weighty feel to it. Because of this, it functions best in more metropolitan settings as opposed to those found in the rural.

The height of the handlebar has been set at 103 centimetres, and both parent testers and professionals in the laboratory concluded that it was uncomfortable to grasp due to the sweaty rubber substance and grooves.

The brake pedal is simple to operate, however we felt that it could benefit from being a little bit larger.

Is it simple to implement with your youngster in your household?

Aside from the fact that they are quite cramped, the seats are of a satisfactory width overall. Despite the fact that the harnesses are nicely padded, they may use some further padding, particularly on the sides where there is none.

Both the buckles and the straps may have their lengths easily adjusted, and the buckles can be easily fastened and unfastened. To adjust the height of the shoulder rest, you will need to go through the backrest, but the process is not particularly difficult.

The chairs may recline to a position that is acceptable for infants younger than six months of age and can be easily adjusted using the toggle mechanism; however, it can be difficult to bring the seat back up to its upright position when a kid is occupying it.

The leg rest is simple to adjust and provides enough support; nevertheless, the mechanism that only requires one hand is difficult to access while the leg rest is in its lowered position.

Is it simple to fold up, move around, and put away?

Folding and unfolding the City Tour 2 Double requires little effort. You won’t be able to lift it by the handlebar because it doesn’t lock into place, but there is a clip that automatically catches itself to hold everything in place.

It weighs only 10.6 kilogrammes, which is relatively light for a double. It is also rather small, so it can be easily stored in the trunk of a car large enough for a family while still leaving enough of space for additional items.

Is it dependable and strong?

Be careful since it doesn’t take much force to pull the release mechanism and separate the carrycots from the seat, despite the fact that it’s simple to attach carrycots to seats and that doing so doesn’t take much time.

Is there anything more that you think I ought to be aware of?

The hood is a decent size, and it includes an extension that zips out so that it can be made even bigger. Additionally, there is a little viewing window in each hood. However, the window has a Velcro strip that makes a lot of noise, so if your children are sleeping, they can wake up.

Using the adaptors, which are clearly labelled to indicate which side they should go on, it is simple to attach and detach a carrycot from the stroller.

The shopping basket has plenty of room inside and is quite strong. Even with the seat in the reclined position, it is not difficult to get to and can support up to 5 kg of weight.

Should I make the purchase?

If you are looking for a double stroller and you reside in a city, then you should definitely take into consideration the fact that this product is a Best Buy.