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The horse is the standard unit of measurement for vehicle power, but that isn’t the only unit that automakers use to describe the amount of muscle an engine possesses.

Both pferdestarke (abbreviated as PS) and kilowatts (abbreviated as kW) are less common units for determining the amount of power that a car’s engine produces. These units are typically seen on mainland Europe.

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What exactly is bhp?

Although it is not always clear which unit manufacturers are using in their brochures, the brake horsepower, also known as bhp, is the most widely used measure of engine power alongside the horsepower standard, which can be found below.

Brake horsepower, as opposed to “horsepower,” which refers to the total output of an engine, only considers the amount of energy that is left over after all of the other components of the vehicle, such as the gearbox, alternator, and water pump, have been powered.

Not the flywheel, but the road wheels are where the measurement is taken.

A higher horsepower rating is associated with a more powerful engine. For comparison, the base model of the Toyota iQ has 68 horsepower, while the Jaguar XF with the supercharger has 503 horsepower. Our coverage of automobiles extends to every category, from the most affordable city cars to the most advanced electric SUVs and sports cars.

PS explained

PS, which stands for “horse strength” in German, has been replaced by kW as the “legal” measurement of engine power throughout the European Union since 1992, despite the fact that it is still commonly used by car manufacturers.

PS is also known as metric horsepower, and one PS is equivalent to approximately 98.6% of a brake horsepower. Because of this, PS and brake horsepower are almost always used interchangeably.

Kilowatts, as a unit of measurement for power

Kilowatts is a measurement of power that is occasionally used, especially on the European continent. However, horsepower and pound-feet of torque are much more common units of comparison in the automotive industry. Power measured in kilowatts (kW) is equivalent to about 1.34 brake horsepower.

Then, what exactly is torque?

When an engine is operating at a variety of speeds, the amount of pulling power that it produces is referred to as its torque.

When an engine has more torque, it can provide more pull (also known as acceleration) at lower revolutions per minute.

Because it provides an indication of how rapidly the engine will be able to shift the weight of the vehicle, torque is almost always discussed alongside brake horsepower. This is because overtaking other vehicles or pulling away from traffic lights both require a quick shift in weight.

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