Nobody wants to put money into a radio that won’t even function for more than a few of months. Or one that effectively renders itself worthless due to the significant amount of sound distortion that it produces. In order to prevent you from being left without money or with an item that is of no value to you, we will do all in our power to guide you toward making the best possible purchasing decision. In contrast to other review sites, we really go out and purchase each digital radio that we evaluate, just as a typical consumer would do. When we test radios, we consider everything from basic versions that are easy on the wallet to high-end, feature-rich radios that have the most recent advancements in streaming technology. We evaluate radios from well-known brands such as Pure, Roberts, Sony, John Lewis, and VQ, in addition to more budget-friendly own-brand options from supermarkets. When a digital radio is given the Best Buy distinction, you can be certain that it is a truly wonderful product, regardless of whether it costs £30 or £300. This is because the Best Buy distinction is awarded by Consumer Reports. Our meticulous lab tests examine every facet of each radio, and they include but are not limited to the following: In order to test the ease of use, we are configuring each radio straight from its packaging. We make observations and comments at each stage of the process: Was establishing the connection to the aerial easy to do? Are the menus simple to understand and straightforward to navigate?

Can you save your favourites stations? Is it simple to set the alarms? We seek the help of an expert listening panel consisting of five individuals, each of whom has an established background in audio and a well-tuned ear, in order to provide you with information regarding which radio will sound the best in your home. In the lab, we broadcast our own DAB signal, which enables us to test the reception capabilities and aerial sensitivity of each radio. This is especially important if you live in a remote region or in a building with high walls, as these conditions might make it difficult to receive radio signals. Because we have been conducting tests on digital radios in our labs for more than 20 years, we are aware of the factors that distinguish the superior models from the inferior ones. In addition to that, we don’t simply reveal the top; we also bring attention to the worst scoring. Don’t buy radios since you could end up with a piece of junk that you’ll want to get rid of as quickly as possible if you do.

Are you sick and tired of the poor reception and lacklustre sound? 

The process that we use to find the best digital radios We put each radio through a battery of tests and measurements covering approximately two hundred different features, ranging from its sound to its ability to set alarms.

Because of this, we are able to immediately compare hundreds of various models and suggest the radio that will work best for you. Sound quality is the most essential factor that is considered when evaluating radios, and it is responsible for 45% of the overall test score that is assigned to each radio. User-friendliness: This is the second most important evaluation that we carry out, and it is worth thirty percent of your total score out of a possible one hundred. Among its features is the ability to play both analogue and digital radio. Can it play music from streaming services, and does it function well as a radio alarm clock for the bedside? These factors account for fifteen percent of the overall score. When it comes to power use, although it only accounts for 10% of the whole, we monitor the energy consumption of radios to ensure that, once plugged in, they do not pose a threat to either you or the environment. Regardless of how well a product performs in our lab tests, we will never award it the Best Buy rating if our data shows that it comes from an unreliable brand. This is the case even if the product receives a perfect score. Only manufacturers that scored a reliability rating of three stars or higher in our yearly poll of radio purchasers and owners are eligible for consideration.