You don’t want a record player that scratches your valuable records, is confusing to use or adds background fuzz to your favorite track. Our independent reviews give you the inside scoop on what record players are worth investing in and which ones will leave you less than impressed. In fact, our tests go further than anyone else to uncover the Best Buys that will play all the right notes. Each record player is placed in front of our expert listening panel, who use their finely tuned ears to pick out the best of the bunch. We test classic record players and ones that will digitize your records. Our expert panel even listens to the digitized versions of tracks to make sure they’re up to scratch too. We look at all components of each record player to check what you get and what you don’t. This is to make sure you aren’t missing a piece that will stop you from playing your records straight out of the box. Want to get the most out of your record collection? Join Which? to unlock our record player recommendations on this page. Already a member? Log in now. How we uncover the best record players We spend hours reviewing each record player to bring you the information you’ll need to make the best decision. We’ve tested all the top brands, such as Crosley and ION, to see if they live up to your expectations.   Sound quality: by far the most important part of testing record players. That’s why it makes up the majority of our overall test scores.  Ease of use: we look at how easy each record player is to set up and if you need to buy any extra parts, such as the cartridge or stylus. We also look at if the record player is manual or automatic if the instructions are of any use and how easy it is to play and digitize records. Digitization: we look at record players that will digitize your record collection and how well they do this. Do they leave records scratched? Do they get rid of background noise and faults in a track when it is on the computer? Does the software used separate and name each track for you? Record player reviews you can trust We’ve tested record players from the biggest brands – including Crosley, ION, GPO, and Pioneer – to uncover the truth behind their claims.