You do not want a record player that will damage your costly records, is difficult to use, or will add background fuzz to the song that is your favourite. With the help of our unbiased reviews, you will have a better understanding of which record players are worthy of your financial investment and which ones will fail to live up to your expectations. In point of fact, our tests go further than those conducted by anybody else in order to identify the Best Buys that will hit all of the appropriate notes. Our panel of experienced listeners evaluates each record player by selecting the ones that sound the best using the finely tuned ears they have developed over the course of their careers. We evaluate both traditional record players and modern models that can digitise your vinyl collection. Even the digitised versions of the songs are evaluated by our knowledgeable panel in order to ensure that they meet our high standards. We examine every component of each record player in order to determine what comes with each one and what does not.

This is to ensure that you are not missing a component that will prevent you from playing your records as soon as they are removed from their packaging. You want to get the most use possible out of your record collection, right?

The process we use to locate the most capable record players We devote a significant amount of time to analysing each record player so that we can provide you with the knowledge you require to make the most informed choice. We have examined every major brand, including Crosley and ION, to see whether or not it lives up to the standards that you have set. When evaluating record players, the sound quality is by far the most significant factor to consider. Because of this, it accounts for the vast majority of our total score on the test. Ease of use: we evaluate how simple it is to install each record player and whether or not it requires the purchase of any other components, such as the cartridge or the stylus. In addition to this, we investigate whether the record player is manual or automatic, whether the included instructions are helpful, and how simple it is to play and digitise recordings. We take a look at record players that are capable of digitising your record collection and evaluate how well they do this. Do they scuff up the records when they play them? When they upload a track to the computer, do they remove any flaws or background noise that may be present?

Does the software automatically split each track and give it a name for you? You can put your faith in these record player reviews. We put record players from some of the most popular brands, including as Crosley, ION, GPO, and Pioneer, through our battery of tests to determine whether the manufacturers’ promises are accurate.