Accidents and storm damage are only partially covered by insurance.

Revealed: the disasters your home insurance policy might not cover

Home insurance offers protection if your property or belongings get destroyed, but it’s crucial to verify your policy won’t leave you high and dry should you need to make a claim. We evaluated 58 home insurance policies from 29 insurers, and found that the range of coverage on offer differed greatly, especially when it comes to unintentional damage and damage caused by storms.

Insurers offer sparse incidental damage cover

Accidental damage cover pays for repairs or replacements if you accidently damage your house or something within it. Almost all policies we evaluated contained some type of accidental damage insurance, but many had major omissions and limitations, and just a third provided general accidental damage cover as standard.

Just one in five insurance (21 percent ) covered coverage for damage suffered while cleaning, so if you fracture your best china while washing up, you probably won’t be able to claim. The individual that caused the damage also influences the likelihood of a successful claim.

Damage caused by pets was included in 33 percent of policies, whereas damage caused by tenants or lodgers was included in 26 percent of plans. Finally, water damage could be a pricey ommission from your insurance – damage caused by an overflowing bath or sink was absent from 21 percent of plans.

Not all insurers give full protection against storm damage

With the UK having already been hammered by five storms this year, protection from poor weather has become even more crucial than previously.

In principle, all plans covered dwellings against storms and floods, although the extent of coverage differed between carriers. Build up of groundwater (where water accumulates underground after prolonged rainfall) was a noticeable absence, included in just 17 percent of policies.

Home emergency protection (which provides swift provisional repairs to keep your home habitable) was also inconsistent, with 27 percent of policies failing to cover storm damage to your roof.

The five rarest aspects of home insurance coverage

We discovered a slew of additional features that only a small percentage of home insurance policies included in our comprehensive review. Only one insurance coverage covered storm damage to fences, gates, and hedges.

Insuring your house with us is a safe bet.

Check the policy materials thoroughly before purchasing house insurance so that you know what you’re getting. We’re here to help you find an insurer that offers the right policy for you. In order to help you locate the best house insurance policy, we’ve analysed 58 policy categories from 29 different providers. Customers who’ve recently filed a claim can also rate their insurers.

Get a low-cost insurance policy for your home.

Even in light of recent price-related reforms, shopping around for the best deal could save you a significant amount of money on your renewal.

Insurers can no longer charge current customers more than they would charge a new client because of the “loyalty penalty,” which was abolished in January. But despite all of that, the cost of goods continues to grow.

Consumer Intelligence discovered that the average yearly premium currently stands at £154, which has risen by 3% year-on-year.

Premiums for people over the age of 50 have risen by over 6%, reaching an average of £161. You can still get a discount from your insurance company if you negotiate or if you go through a different channel (eg online rather than over the phone). You can discover all the information you need to get the best deal on home insurance in our guide on how to save money on your policy.