Bosch Indego M 700 review

1,079.99 GBP View store Score of 88 percent on the test

The verdict is that it is perfect for anyone who has a large lawn.

This robot mower from Best Buy would be an excellent choice for you if your major goal is to get a stress-free, dependable, and high-quality cut of the grass.

The finished product gives lawns of any height and in any condition a beautiful appearance.
Simple in terms of both installation and manual programming.
The use of clever features helps to guarantee adequate lawn coverage.
A little bit slow on long grass, but it does well if the height setting is held at the medium position.
It’s possible that the lowest height setting, which is 30 mm, is not as low as you’d like it to be.

Evaluation of the Bosch Indego M+ 700 (2021)


View merchant Test score 87 percent

A verdict comparison: a robotic mower from Best Buy

It’s great to see that Bosch has managed to fix the issues that the earlier model of this robot mower had with cutting long grass and working on slopes. What’s even more impressive is that they managed to do this while maintaining the excellent features and cutting ability that impressed us in the earlier test. This model is now a Best Buy thanks to our efforts.

Pros It leaves a fantastic finish on lawns, regardless of the weather conditions.
Intelligent features that are easy to deploy and don’t require complicated programming
A little bit clumsy in the tall grass.
30 millimetres is the minimum height setting.

Bosch Indego S 500 review

Score of 83 percent on the test, which costs £889.99 to view.

Comparative analysis: an effective robotic grass cutter that does a good job cutting the grass

This is an excellent mower that comes with a few unique and practical features. It does a good job of cutting the grass, even in challenging situations, and it typically leaves a tidy finish. Although there are one or two places in which the Bosch Indego S 500 isn’t quite as good as the comparable Indego M 700, which is designed for larger gardens, it is still a high-scoring mower overall.

It does a good job of cutting a level grass.
Happy on slopes
Cuts damp grass well
Quick and effective when dealing with tall grass
Simple in its operation
Sometimes misses little areas
It will occasionally leave behind clusters of clippings.
The lowest cut is 30 millimetres, which is maybe greater than some individuals would prefer.

Bosch Indego S+ 500 review

£779.00Typical pricing
Test score 82 percent

The conclusion is that it is simple to operate and does a good job of cutting grass.

This mower is a high-tech piece of equipment that comes with a number of cutting-edge and practical features. It does a good job of cutting the grass and usually leaves a neat finish, but there are one or two areas in which the Bosch Indego S+ 500 isn’t quite as impressive as the similar Indego M+ 700, which is aimed at larger gardens. Despite this, it manages to cut the grass well and usually leaves a neat finish.

Maintains a tidiness throughout
Deals well with inclines and impediments.
Deals effectively with both tall and wet grass.
It occasionally skips over sections and leaves behind clumps of cut grass.
The minimum height for cutting is 30 millimetres.

Analysis of the Stihl RMI 422

£849.00Typical pricing
Test score 78 percent

Contrast the verdict with that of the slopes specialist.

Stihl has developed an excellent robotic lawn mower that is able to make a cut of superior quality regardless of the weather or other external factors. Its ability to traverse slopes and other stretches of tough terrain is greatly enhanced by the huge wheels that it has. It may miss the odd patch of grass here and there, and setting it up may not be the easiest thing in the world, but all things considered, it is a dependable robot that will maintain your lawn in good form.

The cutting was done quite neatly.
Avoids obstructions
Excellent performance on hills and rough ground Simple programming
Runs quietly
Leaves patches uncut
Expensive installation kits are not included in the purchase price.

A review of the Husqvarna Automower 305

£949.00Typical pricing
Test score 78 percent

Compare  verdict: Impressive

The Husqvarna 305 robotic lawn mower is almost the same size as a standard manual mower, however it does not have a handle that projects forward. It is quite simple to operate, offers a wide variety of cutting options, and is capable of doing an effective job of maintaining the grass in lawns up to 600 square metres in size, which ought to be more than sufficient for the majority of gardens in the UK.

The grass can be cut efficiently even with conventional mowers.
Extremely simple to operate.
Numerous possibilities for lawn mowing

Poor at mowing long grass

A look at the Bosch Indego XS 300.

Score of 78 percent on the test, £659.00 View merchants

Comparative verdict: favourable, with a few detracting aspects

The XS 300, which appears to be identical to the other models in the Bosch Indego range on the surface, is designed for use on lawns that are up to 300 square metres in size and belong in smaller gardens. It is programmed manually, and it is missing some capabilities that the others have, such as the ability to automatically edge borders. You may anticipate that each one of them will cut just as well as the next, which is why you might be surprised to find that there is a gradual decline in both the efficiency and quality of the cut as you travel down through the price range.

The grass is left with a clean appearance as a result.
It does well on slopes and on grass that has been watered.
It is simple to programme and utilise thanks to the intelligent features that it possesses.
Not very well around obstructions
Occasionally skips over patches of grass.
Slow on long grass

Honda Miimo HRM 40 Live review


Typical price
Test score 76 percent

The consensus is that it performs well on level lawns.

This robotic lawn mower makes short work of mowing level lawns, and it’s just as simple to programme and keep track of as it is to use. It also has some cool features like tracking the weather and allowing manual driving, for example. It treats slopes and uneven ground as barriers the majority of the time, which means that it may leave sections uncut as a result of this behaviour. However, it is not without its flaws.

Pros Performs well in both wet and dry situations while cutting flat lawns
Extremely simple to set up and operate Useful functionalities

Considers slopes and terrain irregularities to be obstacles.
Performance that is about average on long grass

Analysis of the Worx Landroid M500 WR141E

£523.00Typical pricing
Test score 74 percent

Compare  verdict: A decent robot

The Landroid isn’t the best robot mower on the market, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad product by any means. It is quite simple to programme, and it has no trouble mowing grass. However, we have seen far neater cutting, and it is not the sharpest tool in the shed – other mowers do a much better job of finding a way around obstructions, whereas this one smashes into them repeatedly before realising that it needs to find an alternative route.

The cutting is done effectively.
Simple in both operation and programming.
Runs quietly
Maintains stability on slopes Pros
Sometimes misses patches
Not very good at avoiding difficult situations.
Not ideal for use on tall grass

Gardena Sileno Minimo 250 review


Typical price
Test score 74 percent

A reasonable robot mower at a nice price, when compared to other options.

Our exhaustive testing revealed that the Gardena Sileno Minimo 250 has a few of the same flaws as its bigger sibling, the Gardena Sileno Minimo 500, despite the fact that it provides a decent selection of features at an affordable price.

Maintains a consistent height of cut on dry grass
Simple to set up and use
Maintains its composure in the face of a challenging layout Pros
Having difficulty trimming the overgrown grass
When the grass is moist, the clippings are dropped.
It is difficult to adjust the cutting height.

Gardena Sileno Minimo 500 review

£549.00Typical pricing
Test score 74 percent

A reasonable robot mower at a nice price, when compared to other options.

The Gardena Sileno Minimo 500 offers a solid range of functionality in a sleek and elegant machine; but, our comprehensive tests uncovered a few flaws that you might find difficult to ignore. These flaws include the machine’s noise level and the machine’s inability to clean itself.

Maintains a consistent height of cut on dry grass
Simple to set up and use
Maintains its composure in the face of a challenging layout Pros
Having difficulty cutting the tall grass
When the grass is moist, the clippings are dropped.
It is difficult to adjust the cutting height.

Flymo 1200R review


Typical price
Test score FIRST LOOK

Compare verdict:

This robotic lawnmower is not quite as pricy as the premium ones, but it does not have some of the more advanced capabilities that are available, such as a remote control option. On the other hand, we felt that it did a great job cutting the grass and was simple to operate. Because it is nearly silent, and because it has a number of safety features, you can leave it unattended with less anxiety. This particular model of robotic mower is one that you should take a closer look at if you want something less complicated and more compact.

Mowing that is both calm and undemanding
Functional safeguards and protections
Comparatively easy to use when compared to other robots

A look at the Flymo Easilife 200


Check out the score on the retailer’s test HERE!

Compare verdict:

The Flymo Easilife 200 may not be the most stylish robotic mower on the market, but it gets the job done and is gratifyingly simple to set up. If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty and spending some time understanding out how the machine works, it’s one of the most affordable options and offers good value when compared to more expensive machines.

Simple to assemble
mowed right up to the boundary lines
A wide variety of functionalities.
Price of a robotic mower that is affordable Drawbacks
Menu for the complicated programming

Review of the Mac Allister MRM250

£298.00Typical price
Test score FIRST LOOK

Compare verdict:

With a price tag of only £298, the Mac Allister Robotic Lawn Mower is an option worth considering if you’re considering purchasing a robotic mower but don’t want to shell out the astronomical costs associated with the majority of models. It can handle slopes of up to 25 degrees and can work on lawns that are up to 250 square metres in size (the MRM500 is meant for lawns that are up to 500 square metres in size). We discovered that it left our lawn looking like a green carpet, despite the fact that it is a basic model in terms of capabilities. However, the directions can be difficult to understand, and once a month you will need to trim the margins of the grass and around any obstructions that are in the way.

Pros Relatively low cost for a robotic lawn mower.
Maintains an even cut on the grass Performs well in challenging situations
Simple and fundamental programming
Instructions often lead to misunderstandings.
Doesn’t slice cleanly all the way to the edge

Robomow RC304 review


Typical price
Test score FIRST LOOK

Compare verdict:

The Robomow RC304, much like other robotic mowers, can be programmed to cut the grass according to a specific schedule and then navigates its way back to the charging station when it is finished. A professional installation in your garden will cost you an additional £200, despite the fact that you can do it yourself. We tried it out on a family lawn, and found that it delivered a good cut and was easy to operate.

Gives a neat cut
Convenient controls through app
Runs quietly