An analysis of the Worcester Bosch EasyControl Smart TRV

£55.00Typical pricing
Score on the examination Show Context 83 percent


Identifying characteristics

LCD display compatible with Android and iOS


EasyControl Smart TRV


Worcester Bosch

Compare verdict: An outstanding clever radiator valve

The Worcester Bosch Easy Control Smart TRV is a smart valve that has a pricing point that falls in the middle and is simple to install. It is compatible with an easy-to-use app that comes with an outstanding heating schedule by default. On top of everything else, it is incredibly accurate, which is why we have designated it as a Best Buy.


Wonderful mobile applications that are both simple and quick to use
Extremely accurate
Includes a solid default schedule, which, for the majority of users, will need only a few alterations to work properly.

It’s nothing serious, but the app doesn’t work in landscape mode on mobile devices, which makes it more difficult to read the schedule. You also can’t operate the valve through the website.


An analysis of the Tado Smart Radiator Thermostat


Typical price
Score on the examination Show Context 82 percent


Identifying characteristics

Digital LEDs Android, iOS

Tado -mart-Radiator

Tado Smart Radiator


Smart Radiator

Compare  verdict: A wonderful clever radiator valve

This valve does an outstanding job of maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the room, and it is very simple to install and configure. The mobile application is simple to operate, maintains the confidentiality and safety of your data, and comes packed with wonderful features; however, you will need a membership in order to access some of those functions. In general, this is one of the greatest valves that we have tried, and it is without a doubt our pick for the Best Buy.


The application provides an accurate reading of the current temperature and is simple to operate.
Heating schedules can be easily programmed.

There are some features that require a paid subscription, but other than that, there are no big changes.
It takes a significant amount of effort and time to disable certain programme functions.


Evaluation of the Eve Thermo Smart Radiator Valve


Typical price
Score on the exam Show Context 77% of correct answers


Identifying characteristics

Digital LEDs IOS


Eve Thermo


Smart Radiator Valve

Compare verdict: If you utilise iOS, this is a worthwhile valve to take into consideration.

The Thermo Smart Radiator Valve is able to function independently without a hub, in contrast to the vast majority of other smart valves now available on the market. The fact that there is just a smartphone app available for iOS and Apple HomeKit is, however, a barrier to accessibility. Because it is not possible (at the time this article was written) for Android users to utilise it, it does not qualify for a recommendation from Best Buy despite the fact that it is an excellent valve.


Excellent iOS app Doesn’t require a hub
There is now no app available for Android smartphones, and the process of creating a heating plan is not very user-friendly.

An evaluation of the Netatmo Smart Radiator Valve Starter Pack

£170.00Typical pricing
Score on the exam Show Context 74% of correct answers

Identifying characteristics

LCD display compatible with Android and iOS


Netatmo Smart


Radiator Valve Starter Pack

Compare verdict: This is a nice valve, but there are a few issues.

Because of the high level of accuracy provided by the Netatmo smart radiator valve, the interior of your home will be heated to the ideal level. The accompanying app contains a number of features that are helpful, but it also has a number of usability concerns. The valve is missing a few standard features as well, such as a kid lock that would prevent younger children from accidentally adjusting the settings.


The app has a number of helpful temperature adjusting options.
Consistently provides precise temperature readings
There are certain usability concerns with certain aspects of the apps.
Absence of a child lock

An evaluation of the Honeywell Home EvoHome Radiator Zone Kit


Typical price
Score on the examShow context 72% of correct answers


Identifying characteristics

LCD display compatible with Android and iOS


Honeywell Home Evo


Home Radiator Zone Kit

Compare verdict: a quality valve with a cumbersome installation process

The Honeywell Home EvoHome Radiator Valve provides precise temperature monitoring of the space it’s installed in. It comes with an app that is simple to use and is packed with a tonne of helpful features that are designed to assist you in saving money and heating your home more effectively. Unfortunately, we had a hard time installing and configuring the valve, and there were a few other problems as well.


A multitude of traits that are of use
Very precise adjustments made to the temperature

It is simple to programme a schedule
a sluggish rate of response
Conceivably difficult to set up
The build quality is noticeably lower than that of other valves.

An evaluation of the Drayton Wiser Smart Heating Radiator Thermostat


Typical price
Score on the examination Show context 70 percent


Identifying characteristics

LED Android, iOS


Evaluation of the Drayton


Drayton Wiser Smart


Radiator Thermostat

The judgement is similar: the valve is good, but there are some usage concerns.

This smart radiator valve from Drayton is capable of accurately monitoring the temperature of the room and will heat your space to the exact level you select. The installation and operation of it are both simple. This excellent valve could have been outstanding if it had a display, but instead it has fewer functions than competing smart radiator valves and it does not come with any of those features.


Excellent mobile applications for smartphones.
Extremely precise and simple to operate the programming


Valve doesn’t display set temperature
Apps, not websites, are required to exercise control over this feature.
Compared to other valves, this one has less features.


A Look at the Hive Radiator Valve

£54.00Typical pricing
Score on the exam Show Context 62% of the total


Identifying characteristics

LCD display compatible with Android and iOS


Radiator Valve


Hive Radiator

Compare  verdict: Average smart radiator valve

This Hive valve seems to be functioning properly. It does a good job of keeping track of the temperature, and the accompanying app allows you a lot of control (although it could be overwhelming for users looking for something more basic). In addition to that, it offers a wide variety of functions that are all geared at making the process of heating your home more effective. Although it’s not the worst valve we’ve tried, our experience with other smart radiator valves has been more positive overall.


Helpful instructions for the installation and configuration
The heating schedule can be easily programmed


The valve has a sluggish response to alterations in temperature.
The app could appear to be overly complicated for standard users.
Monitoring of temperature is beneficial, but many of the other smart valves we’ve tried provide more accurate readings.


This is a review of the Salus Single Zone Smart Home Starter Pack (TRV10RFM).

£163.00Typical pricing
Score on the exam Show context sixty percent


Identifying characteristics

LED Android, iOS


Salus Single


Home Starter Pack

Compare  verdict: An interesting smart valve configuration

The Salus TRV10RFM is precise, but that is about all it has going for it. It is not like other smart radiator valves in that it does not have a thermostat that is built in. In its place, it obtains the temperature reading from the thermostat in the Salus room. This makes it less versatile than other models, because you can’t set various temperatures for different areas in your house unless you buy multiple thermostats, which can be expensive.

When paired with a Salus thermostat, it does an excellent job of bringing the temperature of a room up to the desired level.

If you want to zone your heating, you need to install a Salus thermostat in every room.
The app is challenging to use.
There is no indicator on the valve.


Energenie MiHome Smart Radiator Valve Kit review


Typical price
55 percent of the test score is shown in context


Identifying characteristics

LED Android, iOS


Energenie MiHome


Smart Radiator Valve Kit


The conclusion is that the smart valve only has a few functions.

The MiHome Smart Radiator Valve is reliable, but the valve itself has a limited number of functions, and the accompanying software can be challenging to use. There are smart radiator valves available that are of a higher quality.


The ability to accurately detect the temperature


The app is difficult to use.
This valve does not have a temperature display.
It is tough to programme a schedule for the heating system.