Evaluation of the Google Nest Learning thermostat


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The verdict is in: an outstandingly intelligent thermostat

This smart thermostat may be one of the older models available on the market, and it may also be one of the more expensive ones that you can purchase, but it is still one of the best that we’ve evaluated despite those facts. The scheduling can be challenging, but it has remarkable learning capabilities, which means that you may not even need to manually programme it anyhow.


Thermostat that is both aesthetically pleasing and simple to operate
Installs quickly and easily in the home Numerous helpful features, including the ability to learn your routine


There are no major drawbacks, although the sheer volume of functions offered by the app might be overwhelming at times.

An analysis of the Google Nest smart thermostat E

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The conclusion is that this is one of the greatest smart thermostats that money can buy.

Even though it’s been out on the market for a few years now, this is still considered to be one of the very best smart thermostats money can buy. The device is not only attractive to look at, but it is also simple to install, configure, and make use of. Additionally, the thermostat is accurate and responsive. A worthy selection for Best Buy.


The thermostat is accurate and responsive, which are both pluses.
The app is simple to configure and use.
Contains a respectable assortment of capabilities
If you follow the directions, the installation is simple.

Does not support heating in many zones.

Evaluation of the Hive Active Heating 2

£179.00View retailers Test score Show Context 71% of the market share

Comparative analysis: a smart thermostat that excels in all areas

Despite the fact that it has been on the market since 2015, this is still a very good smart thermostat, and we have no hesitation in recommending it. Although the app can be difficult to use, directly controlling the device or using the online portal are also simple options. In addition to that, it provides an accurate reading of the temperature and is simple to set up.

Simple controls on device
The thermometer’s readings are spot on.
Quick and simple to install and configure
Web browser that is both good and bad


App has the potential to be murky.
Compared to other leading smart thermostats, it has fewer functions.

Netatmo Thermostat review

159.99 pounds View store Test score Show context Seventy-one percent

Contrast this with the verdict: a remarkable learning thermostat

Despite the fact that it is an older model, this smart thermostat is still quite clever and thoughtfully built, and it performs very well in all categories. Although using the manual controls should be made simpler, the overall quality of the software more than makes up for this shortcoming. It is still something we suggest as a Best Buy, and it is something you should think about having in your smart home.

An application that is intuitively laid out and easy to use.
Simple to install on your own Capable of adding other devices

reasonably accurate pros
An awkward user interface may be found on the device.
There is neither a response to the weather nor GPS tracking.

In-depth analysis of the Honeywell Evohome wi-fi linked thermostat pack


£260.00Typical pricing
Score on the examination Show context 70 percent

The verdict is that it is simple to use and set up.

This is an excellent smart thermostat that comes with a plethora of other functions that are helpful. In addition to this, it is simple to install and use on a day-to-day basis. The thermostat isn’t nearly as sensitive and accurate as those of some other models that we’ve evaluated, which prevents us from recommending this one as a Best Buy.

Simple in both operation and assembly.
Includes a wide variety of helpful functions, such as the capacity for zonal heating.


The thermostat does not provide the same level of accuracy as the very best.

A review of the intelligent Worcester Bosch EasyControl thermostat

£152.00Typical pricing
Score on the examination Show Context 68 percent

Compare verdict:

This thermostat is quite accurate and sensitive to changes in temperature, and the accompanying app is both nicely designed and simple to operate. Unfortunately, it has an extremely tough installation process, which prevents it from being considered for a Best Buy.

App is simple to operate and has a thermostat that is both responsive and accurate
Device is beautifully designed, and its use and programming are both simple.
Simple to decommission in the event that you decide to relocate or sell the property.
Installation is difficult, even for a trained professional.

An analysis of the Drayton Wiser Thermostat Kit 2

66 percent of the total value, which is £105.99View merchant Test score Show Context

Consider the evidence: a thermostat that is accurate

This is a good smart thermostat that is very responsive to changes in temperature and accurately achieves the temperature that you set it to. The software is very simple to configure and use after it’s been installed. Setting up the gadget itself isn’t the easiest thing in the world, and it’s recommended that you have a trained professional handle it for you. Obviously, this isn’t going to be an option for everyone.

A useful list of available options
App that is both user-friendly and simple to configure
Extremely precise temperature gauge
Extremely sensitive to variations in temperature
Installation must be performed by a trained expert.
Lacks a motion sensor and cannot detect movement.

An analysis of the Honeywell Lyric T6R


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Compare and contrast: a smart thermostat that falls somewhere in the middle of the pack

Even while the app performs quite admirably, our overall impression of this smart thermostat is not particularly favourable. Due to the fact that it also suffers from the same issues as the Honeywell Lyric T6, its score is just somewhat better. It is not as easy to install as some alternatives, and it does not have as many functionality as competing products.

Absolutely spot on
The application performs admirably on iOS devices.

a limited number of features
Construcción complicada

An examination of the Honeywell Lyric T6


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The conclusion is that it is not the finest.

This smart thermostat was initially introduced in 2016, and both the device itself and the accompanying app are of a satisfactory quality. However, the installation process is difficult, and it is not as user-friendly and does not come with as many features as one of our Best Buys.


The app is fantastic.
Accurate temperature readings

Installation that is not feasible
Device that is difficult to use.
Several components are absent.

An evaluation of the Tado V3+ smart heating thermostat starter kit

£180.00View retailers Test score Show Context 63 percent of the merchants

The conclusion is that it is still a respectable smart thermostat.

In spite of the fact that it has been on the market for some time, this extremely good smart thermostat offers high-end capabilities, is simple to operate, and provides highly accurate temperature readings. Because the functionality of the display is so restricted in comparison to that of the absolute finest products now available, it does not qualify as a Best Buy.


It possesses a thermostat that is both responsive and accurate.
App is simple to operate.
The device has a solid build, which makes it simple to operate and programme.


On the gadget itself, you are unable to arrange individual daily or weekly programmes.

Evaluation of the Lightwave Home thermostat


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The judgement is in, and it’s not great: the smart thermostat

This thermostat performs well in the fundamental aspects of its function, such as correctly and rapidly reacting to changes in temperature. However, there are certain problems with the simplicity of use and the setup, which lead to the score being average.


Accurate thermostat with a speedy response time


Scheduling challenges More challenging than the majority of other events to set up
Not as user-friendly as the most advanced thermostats

Salus iT500 review


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Comparatively speaking, the verdict is uninspiring.

You can definitely tell that the production of this thermostat didn’t begin until 2013 when you use it. You could be disappointed with this smart thermostat if you’re searching for something that’s really cutting edge and beautifully designed. The application performs rather admirably, but its user interface isn’t quite as polished as that of some competing products, and it lacks a number of capabilities that are considered industry standards in competing products.


Accurate temperature readings
Installing the programme is simple and straightforward, and using it is just as easy.

Outdated design
Web page with few features: poor quality

A look at the Tado Smart Thermostat version 3


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The conclusion is that there are superior smart thermostats available.

In general, this is a decent smart thermostat, and the accompanying app is both practical and attractively designed. However, it is starting to show its age, since it does not have some of the fundamental capabilities that you will find on some newer models, and it is a headache to operate the controls that are on the device itself.


Simple enough for a layperson to do it themselves
The application is easy to understand and utilise.

The website and the device both have a less user-friendly interface.
Several essential components are absent.

Energenie MiHome review

£100.00Typical price
55 percent of the test score is shown in context

The conclusion is comparable: there is room for development

There are some usability flaws that lead to the thermostat’s relatively low overall score, despite the fact that it has a reasonable value, is accurate, and is responsive.


The thermostat is quite accurate and sensitive, which are both pluses.
possesses a favourable assortment of qualities
Maintains the safety of your information

a few usability concerns to consider
The screen has a muted light.

A review of the Heatmiser NeoKit 2


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The conclusion is that it is not the most user-friendly option.

This programmable thermostat is sensitive to shifts in temperature and comes with a comprehensive set of additional capabilities. However, at most the app is satisfactory, which suggests that there are a great many alternative gadgets that are simpler to operate.


The thermostat is fairly precise and responsive, which are both pluses.
Contains a respectable assortment of capabilities


App is the most perplexing of them all.
The day-to-day application is more difficult than it should be.

Geo Cosy review


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Compare verdict:

The Geo Cosy is not a terrible product, but it does not include all of the functions that would make it more useful. In our list of Best Buys, you’ll find better smart thermostats than those that we’ve tested in more recent years.


May 2014

Owl Intuition-CW review


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Compare verdict:

There aren’t many things that set the Owl Intuition-CW apart from other similar products on the market. But despite its limited functionality, it’s still a passable product overall. Because we have modified the way in which we test smart thermostats, it is not possible to compare these results to any of our comprehensive reviews.


Month of January 2014

Taking a look at the Honeywell Single Zone Thermostat


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Compare  verdict:

This thermostat is simple to operate in most respects, but it has a limited feature set and can be difficult to set up. We believe that you might benefit more from upgrading to a more recent model that has greater capabilities.


2014 month of October