stair gates
A Best Buy stair gate is safe, durable and easy to open and close. Our independent tests make sure you can choose the very best.
Don’t end up with a stair gate that takes both hands to open and close, has a big trip bar at the bottom or is flimsier than balsa wood. Our reviews equip you with the knowledge to choose a stair gate that can withstand the tempest of a two-year-old’s tantrum but can still be opened and shut effortlessly.
Our reviews combine our uncompromising safety tests with our lab experts’ ease-of-use assessments, as well as telling you whether you’re going to break a sweat trying to put up the gate in the first place.

Every stair gate review is based on safety and durability tests, including a 25kg impact test, as we know the might of a furious toddler is something to behold.

It’s no good buying something that needs an army of workmen to put up. Our tests help you find a stair gate that’s fast and easy to assemble and disassemble.

You will be sure that little fingers are safe from crushing, and delicate heads protected from sharp corners, as our tests weed out any dangers.

We test how easy each gate is to use regularly – some gates can have opening and closing mechanisms that are awkward to use.

What goes into testing stair gates?
Our tests reveal the stair gates that will keep your child safe. Our safety tests follow and go beyond the British Standards, so you know by choosing a gate we recommend, that it’s been subjected to a really rigorous assessment.
Assembly and fitting:  We time how long it takes to assemble each stair gate, so that you know whether you’ve got a DIY dream or disaster on your hands. We measure the minimum and maximum frame the stair gate can be fitted to, to make sure we agree with the manufacturer’s instructions, and we fit it in both positions. If you can extend the gate beyond a safe point, we’ll let you know. And if, when it’s time to remove the gate, it leaves a horrid mess, we’ll let you know about that, too.

Ease of use: You will need to be able to open and close your gate numerous times every day. We make sure that we open and close each gate 500 times, so we can tell you whether the mechanism remains as easy to use as the day you bought it.
Durability: Your stair gate may need to withstand the force of a toddler with a tantrum, or a boisterously bouncy dog. We test beyond the safety standard by applying an impact of 25kg, rather than just the 10kg required, and making sure that if there’s any movement or weakening of the gate, we tell you about it.
Stair gate reviews you can trust
We test stair gates from all the biggest brands, such as Baby Dan, Ikea, Kiddyguard and Lindam, and found that a higher price doesn’t always lead to a better-quality gate.