According to the findings of our research, clients of the largest suppliers in the UK are paying an excessive amount.

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According to the findings of our most recent investigation, clients of the four largest broadband providers in the UK may save as much as £143 annually by moving to a different provider. According to the results of a poll that questioned more than 4,000 people who use internet services, we discovered that users pay, on average, £33.77 per month for their broadband package.

Who among your broadband users could potentially save the most money?

According to our research, consumers of Virgin Media might realize the greatest savings by making the move. Despite the fact that they typically enjoy higher download speeds, their monthly bills are typically the highest, coming in at an average of £41.68.

We discovered that consumers of Virgin might lower the total cost that they pay by little under £145 per year by switching to a new ultrafast contract offered by a different service provider.

Our research also indicated that consumers of BT and Sky could save more than £100 per year by moving to a superfast deal with a different provider. The average monthly cost for a BT broadband client is £36.30, while the annual cost for a Sky broadband customer is £37.32.

Even though the typical TalkTalk user only spends £28.98 per month, which is significantly less than what customers of the other Big Four providers pay, those customers still have the opportunity to make some savings by switching providers.

More information can be found by visiting the following link: – Which? However, the average cost of the cheapest initial fiber offers is only £26.34 per month, which means that there are plenty of options to save money by switching providers.

If you are already a member of BT, Sky, or Virgin Media, you may be eligible for even bigger savings. Continue reading to learn how much money you could save if you made the switch right away.

Potential service provider of broadband internet offering customers savings on an annual basis

BT                        £119.52

Sky                       £131.76

TalkTalk              £31.68

Virgin Media       £143.64

By switching energy providers in advance of the hike in the energy price cap that will take place the next month, you can avoid a bill increase of £139 and save £68 annually, according to the findings of our investigation of energy agreements.

Lisa Barber, should not have to pay more than they need to for essential services such as broadband and energy, and with many households facing an energy bill hike due to the price cap change, now is the ideal time to consider switching these services,’ said the editor of Home Products and Services. “Consumers should not have to pay more than they need to for essential services such as broadband and energy.”

According to the findings of our investigation, switching providers has the potential to result in annual savings of $300, and the transition itself can be a simple one if one uses a price comparison tool to identify the best available offers. This fall, everybody who is interested in lowering their expenses should not hesitate.

broadband provider

There are other advantages to changing your Internet provider.

Changing your provider of broadband internet service offers more than just the possibility of financial savings. Additionally, it may indicate a connection that is both faster and more secure.

Upgrade your connection

When you switch providers, you also have the opportunity to investigate upgrading to a faster connection, which is especially beneficial if you are still using a regular internet service (also known as ADSL). In addition to being more dependable, fiber broadband can have the same price as regular broadband, or even be less expensive. Learn more with the help of our comprehensive guide to the advantages of fiber broadband.

Improve your level of service to the customer.

In the event that you are one of the millions of customers who do business with the four largest suppliers in the UK, you should not expect to receive the best customer service. According to the findings of our poll of more than 4,000 broadband users, the quality of the company’s customer service and technical support is, at best, subpar. See how larger providers like BT, Sky, TalkTalk, and Virgin Media stack up against more niche service providers like Plusnet, Vodafone, and Zen Internet by using our roundup of the top and worst broadband providers for 2021.

Get updated equipment

When you make the switch to a new broadband provider, you will be given the most recent model of that operator’s router. Because our study has shown that outdated routers might provide a security risk, it is important to keep your router up to date even if the primary motivation for doing so is to achieve a faster connection or greater wi-fi reliability.

How to change your supplier of broadband internet service

The process of switching broadband providers can appear to be a headache, but in most cases, it is neither difficult nor time consuming. When we questioned clients who had recently made the switch about their experience, the majority of them (almost two thirds) said that it was simple.

The same percentage of customers expressed contentment regarding the length of time it took from the moment they placed their order until the new service was fully operational in their residence.

The majority of the time, all you will need to do is get in touch with your new service provider, and they will handle the switchover for you.

Finding the finest offer for you is the first thing you need to do. Our roundup of the best affordable broadband deals may be of some assistance to you whether you’re searching for a basic fiber plan or faster ultrafast internet.

We’ve simplified the process of switching broadband providers by breaking it down into four steps. To get started, make your way over to our how-to guide on changing your broadband provider.

broadband provider

The findings of our investigation

In January of 2021, we polled 4,478 persons in the UK who had access to a broadband internet service. In our poll, we asked a sample that was intended to be representative of the entire country how much they paid for their overall broadband package. This was utilized in the process of calculating the typical monthly charges that consumers of broadband services in the UK pay.

We also analyzed the most affordable introductory deals provided by 14 of the most prominent broadband service providers in the United Kingdom. Based on our findings, we determined that the average price of a superfast introductory deal (with average speeds of 50-67 Mbps) is £26.34 per month. Using the results of our survey, we compared this to the average monthly payment made by consumers of BT, Sky, and TalkTalk.

Because Virgin Media only offers fibre broadband (with speeds of 50-1,000Mbps), we compared the average amount its customers pay to the average cost of the cheapest ultrafast introductory deals (with average speeds of 100Mbps or more), which comes to £29.71. This is because fibre broadband is the only type of internet service that Virgin Media offers.