Find out which stores and restaurants offer student discounts so that you can easily save money, and learn how to make the most of your money on Black Friday.

How much money will I be able to save by using a student discount?

Check to see if a student discount is available before treating yourself to a new pair of jeans or heading out for pizza with your pals. It’s a good idea to see if you can save money by using a student discount.

There is the potential to save a significant amount of money thanks to discounts that can range from about 5% to 40% of the original price.

How do I get a student discount?

If you have a student ID card from your university or college, you’ll find that many businesses are willing to give you a discount on their goods and services.

You may, however, need a different card in order to access other special savings and the reductions that are available online. Take, for instance:

The NUS additional card will hereafter be referred to as the Totum card. It provides savings on over 200 different brands sold in the UK, both big and small. A membership valid for a year costs $14.99. More information regarding the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) that is included with Totum may be found further down in this article.
Instead of a physical card, users of Unidays can access their benefits through a mobile application at no cost. It is available to anyone over the age of 16 who is enrolled in an educational programme at a university, sixth form, or college.
Student Beans is another software that does not cost anything, and it gives its users access to various discounts.
The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) enables holders to gain access to tens of thousands of discounts in over 130 countries. If you are content to keep it on your phone, the fee is £12, but if you also want a physical card, the cost is £15 total.

It is important to keep in mind that each service gives its own one-of-a-kind online discounts, which means that you will receive distinct offers from each one.

Because of their lack of cost, using Unidays and Student Beans makes perfect sense.

And you may want to do some research and compare the discounts offered by the paid-for Totum card with the other options; the decision as to whether or not it is worthwhile to acquire will depend on how you typically spend your money.

Can apprentices get discounts?

If you are currently enrolled in an apprenticeship programme, the NUS Apprentice additional card is something that you should look into obtaining.

It grants you access to a variety of savings opportunities, such as a ten percent discount at The Co-op, a discounted subscription to Amazon Prime, savings of up to forty percent at Las Iguanas, and many more.

The annual fee for the card is eleven pounds.

It is important to keep in mind that the NUS Apprentice additional card might not always provide you with the same discounts as the Totum card does.

If you are currently enrolled in a degree apprenticeship and have an email account associated with your university, you should be able to access other student discount programmes.

Can I utilise my student discount on things that have another discount already applied to them?

Do not worry that you are being too cheekily if you inquire about the possibility of applying your student discount to things that are now on sale.

Indeed, a lot of stores will allow you do this, which means you can get even better deals overall if you do it.

For instance, a dress that normally costs £30 may be on sale for £20, and if you were eligible for a student discount of 15%, your final price would be £16.50.

How to recognise and avoid dud purchases

It should surely not come as a surprise that costs for different items and activities can vary greatly from one another.

It’s possible that your student discount can help you offset rising expenses, but if you’re a clever shopper, you can save much more money than that.

These are the three most important things you need to keep in mind to be able to differentiate between excellent and terrible prices:

Examine the cost at a number of different stores.
Examine the progression of the price. A significant number of Which? evaluations include a Price Predictor, which presents you with a graph illustrating the progression of a given price over time. Visit websites like as Pricerunner and CamelCamelCamel to obtain pricing information for a variety of other products (this one only shows Amazon prices).
Be aware of “was” pricing or recommended retail prices (RRP), as these tend to overstate the amount of the discount.

Where can I obtain a discount for being a student?

We are unable to provide a list of every store that provides a student discount; nevertheless, the following are some examples of the types of discounts that you can anticipate receiving.

stores that provide discounts to students
10% off your purchase at Topshop and Topman when you use Unidays and Student Beans.
Asos: Receive 10% off your purchase by submitting a student validation form, using Totum, or using Unidays.
Ten percent can be earned through Unidays and Student Beans, according to Miss Selfridge.
Warehouse: A ten percent discount is available through Totum and Unidays.
Timberland is offering a ten percent discount through Totum online.
Student discounts are available at a variety of local restaurants, bars, and cafes.

Student discounts are available for a variety of services, including dining and drinking out. The following locations provide this service:

Save thirty percent on your meal when you eat at Pizza Express. Through Totum and Unidays, Thursday through Sunday.
Meat Liquor is currently discounted by 25% thanks to Unidays.
Domino’s is offering a discount of 25% on online orders of £25 or more made through Totum, but a discount of 35% is available through Student Beans and Unidays.
Pizza Hut: 20 percent off full price menu items Sunday-Thursday.

It’s possible that the cafes, bars, and nightclubs in your neighbourhood offer student discounts as well.

Making use of the student discount offered for many forms of entertainment

Did you know that students can receive a discount of 50 percent off of Spotify Premium, bringing the monthly cost down to £4.99?

And that, in spite of the fact that Odeon sells student tickets at a discounted price, if you use a Totum card you may save an additional 25 percent on Monday through Thursday?

This goes to demonstrate that it is well worth your time to investigate whether or not you are eligible for a student discount for whatever it is that you are doing.

Making use of your student discount on items that are required for your class

If you need or want to purchase some books for your course or for some escapism, you might be interested in the 10 percent discount that Waterstones is now offering on all online orders made through Unidays.

In addition, students can receive a discount of ten percent if they present a student card that is still current.

There are discounts to be found on Adobe Creative Cloud services, HP products, Microsoft Office, and Apple products, amongst others, if you are interested in purchasing software or other technologically-related items.

You don’t seem to have any discounts for your favourite store, do you?

Even if we haven’t mentioned your favourite store or restaurant above, don’t assume that they don’t provide a student discount just because we haven’t.

Checking the website of your favourite store will put your mind at ease; if the store provides a student discount, you can be sure that information will be prominently displayed on the website.

If that’s the case, you shouldn’t be afraid to inquire about it in the store or on their social media.

Black Friday frequently asked questions for kids

Every year in November, there is a shopping event known as Black Friday, during which stores offer deep discounts on a variety of goods in an effort to get customers to part with their money.

The day after Thanksgiving in 2019 is known as Black Friday.

Having said that, you can already get your hands on a lot of different things that are discounted for Black Friday, and these offers tend to stick around for a long as well.

The timing of Black Friday is not ideal for students because it has probably been quite some time since they have received a payment for their student loans, and it is quite likely that they will not receive another payment until the month of January.

Therefore, if you are thinking of taking advantage of the deals to purchase something, whether it be a pleasure for yourself or a Christmas present for someone else, it is in your best interest to determine whether or not you are actually getting a good deal.

What kinds of things can I shop for on Black Friday, and how can I locate good deals?

On Black Friday, you can get some of the best deals, including some of the steepest price reductions, on big-ticket items, many of which are necessities for students.

Is your laptop showing signs of being unresponsive? Is your smartphone not as intelligent as it used to be? Do you find that your headphones distract you more than they help during study time?

Because so many stores are participating in Black Friday sales, it is quite probable that you will be able to get a good price on whatever it is you are searching for, regardless of where you go.

How to spot a con on Black Friday and avoid getting taken in by one

You shouldn’t give in to the idea that someone is trying to sell you something just because they say it’s a good deal.

Unfortunately, there are some ordinary pricing out there that are being passed off as discounts, and they must be purchased immediately before they are gone.

To assist you in determining whether something truly represents a good deal, we have compiled the following three essential pointers for you to keep in mind:

Examine the cost at a number of different stores.
Examine the progression of the prices.
Be mindful of comparisons using “was” prices or the retail suggested price.

When it comes to Black Friday sales, are I able to use my student discount?

There are some stores that will let you use your student discount on already reduced prices, such as sales or clearance items.

Remember to bring your student ID with you if you plan on braving the crowds in the stores on Black Friday rather than shopping online so that you may take advantage of the deep discounts that will be offered.

If you want to cut down on your Christmas spending, you should consider taking advantage of the bargains that are now going on.

You might also think about emailing your Christmas gift list to any friends or family members who are interested in buying you a present and would like to do so in order to save money.

It is not recommended that you put off your Christmas shopping until the last minute, regardless of whether or not you choose to shop for holiday gifts on Black Friday.

It is stressful, and it’s possible that you won’t be able to discover many goods that are a decent value.

Shopping advice for students in honour of Black Friday

The following is a guide that will help you become a knowledgeable shopper and make the most of the major retail event:

1. Make sure you are well prepared: If you can, you should try to avoid looking for the greatest prices on the day itself because a lot of other people will be doing the same thing, which will make browsing slow and annoying. It is in the best interest of your preferred stores to make their sales and promotions widely known, so make sure you sign up for their newsletters and Twitter alerts.

2. Create an online account. Because websites will be more sluggish than usual due to the increased volume of visitors, it is recommended that you create an online account with your shops and think about pre-entering your payment and shipping information. This will make it easier for you to make purchases and leave the area as quickly as possible.

3. Be aware of strange brands: It’s not that every brand you won’t have heard of is going to be poor, but you shouldn’t let the price entice you to the point where you don’t evaluate whether or not you’re buying a solid product.

4. Determine whether or not merchants would match prices. Some stores, like John Lewis, will match the prices that were offered on Black Friday. However, ones that are exclusively available online, like Amazon, almost never do.

5. Consider the price rather than the amount you will save. Even if something has been marked down significantly, you should consider whether or not it is still a price that you are content to pay.

The aforementioned pieces of advice will be quite helpful to you during the sales process; nevertheless, they are not the only ones.

Be aware of your legal purchasing options on Black Friday.

Even while we think it’s safe to presume that you don’t want to read consumer legislation in its entirety, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t know how to exercise your rights when the situation calls for it.

In the event that you purchase something during the Black Friday sale and later discover that it is defective, you should get in touch with the store as soon as possible. You only have thirty days from the date of purchase to return a defective item and receive a refund.

If you make a purchase during the Black Friday sale and then decide that you do not want the item you purchased, your rights may vary depending on the store from which you made the purchase.

Check to see if the store you bought it from allows returns if you made the purchase in a store. If you made the purchase online, you have the right under the Consumer Contracts Regulations to cancel your online order at any time, beginning with the moment you made the payment and continuing for a maximum of 14 calendar days after the date the products were delivered to you.

You should get in touch with the retailer if you’ve purchased something digital that doesn’t function properly, such as an app, ebook, game, music, or movie. The retailer has one chance to repair or replace anything of unsatisfactory quality, unsuitable for purpose, or not as advertised.

You have the right to request a refund if this requirement is not met.

It looks like your Black Friday delivery will be delayed.

Always contact the merchant first before pursuing the delivery courier, as this is the best place to get answers to your questions. The store is responsible for settling this matter.

You have fallen prey to a sham involving online purchasing.

Regrettably, there are some shady vendors operating in the market today. Check out the information provided by Consumer Rights if you believe you have been the victim of a scam in order to learn how to get your money back.