Best remote control cars

Remote control cars

Remote control cars


The WLTOYS 124019 was selected by the editor.
Banggood has the lowest price of £136.85 for this item.

Maximum velocity: 33.1 mph Duration of operation: six minutes (additional batteries can be purchased separately for the price of £13.27)

Adjustable speed: Yes
The advantages are that it is really quick, it is a lot of fun to drive, it has a great build quality, it has a speed dial that can be adjusted, it is suited for all types of terrain, and it has a high-quality controller.

Cons: Cannot be driven indoors, which makes it unsafe for very young children.

Our conclusion is that this Wltoys remote control car can only be used for a total of six minutes, but those minutes are packed with a lot of fun. We believe that it is well worth the money, despite the fact that it is one of the most expensive vehicles that we offer.

It has adequate power to handle any terrain, whether asphalt, long grass, gravel, or sand, and driving it is a blast because to the vehicle’s brilliantly enjoyable handling. This automobile reached a top speed of 33.1 miles per hour on the tarmac during our evaluation, making it the winner of our competition.

The adults in our group were able to get this vehicle drifting around curves, performing doughnuts, jumping, and other tricks with a little amount of practise. Among the vehicles that we evaluated, there is no contest between this one and the Wlytoys 144001 in terms of which is the most enjoyable to drive for older children and adults.

The controller features a fantastic feature that allows the user to modify the speed, giving parents the ability to slow down the maximum speed. However, due to the high top speed and the fact that even young children are capable of figuring out an adjustable speed dial and turning it back up, we would not advocate purchasing this automobile for anyone younger than twelve years old (see better options below including the Blackzon Slayer and FTX Tracer). Simply put, it is too fast if you are unable to properly manage it, and it has the potential to do some injury to the youngster or to any spectators if it is pushed into their legs by accident.

Its construction is superior to that of all the other cars that were examined, and its base plate is made of metal, whereas the base plates of almost all of the other cars were made of plastic. Because it is a car designed for hobbyists, in the event that any of its components become damaged, you will be able to purchase a replacement part from the company’s website and do the necessary repairs yourself. If you ever need to make repairs, the RC car that you purchased even comes with a set of instructions that teach you how to disassemble it and put it back together again.

The 2.4 GHz controller is also of a high quality, with a rubber wheel made of a soft material that can be used to operate the car, a trigger made of a quality material, as well as trimming and speed dials on the controller itself. To operate this vehicle safely, you will want a considerable amount of open space; but, regardless of the terrain, you will have a wonderful time operating it.

Drones for kids

Drones for kids

Drones for kids

Toy drones for children are very popular right now, but the findings of our research on them were a bit unexpected. Before purchasing a drone as a present for your child, it is important to familiarise yourself with the necessary information.

Toy drones are becoming an increasingly popular choice for children’s playthings; however, before entrusting a child with the controller of a drone you have purchased for them, you should check to see that it is secure, child-proof, and of high quality construction.

Eight of the most popular drones that retail for less than one hundred pounds and are marketed toward children or as toys were put to the test by our team in September of 2021.

If a drone weighs less than 250 grammes, it is seen as being sufficiently miniature to be a toy and does not require a licence to be flown in the United Kingdom. However, flying any form of drone within five kilometres of an airport is illegal, regardless of how light or how little the drone may be.

Because our tester was of the opinion that none of the drones we evaluated were particularly good quality or risk-free, we are unable to suggest any of the drones that are mentioned below.

Continue reading for the complete results of our test, as well as an explanation of the potential dangers that parents should be aware of before purchasing drones for their children.

The most recent time that prices and availability were checked was January 7th, 2022.