Best remote control cars

Editor’s Choice: WLTOYS 124019
Cheapest price: £136.85 available at Banggood.

Top speed: 33.1mph Run time: Six minutes (additional batteries sold separately for £13.27)

Adjustable speed: Yes
Pros: Incredibly fast, fantastic fun to drive, high build quality, adjustable speed dial, parts and spares easily available, suitable for all terrain, high-quality controller

Cons: Too fast for very young children, can’t be driven inside

Our verdict: This Wltoys remote control car only lasts for six minutes, but what a great six minutes it is. Although it’s one of the pricier cars in our line-up, we think it’s worth the cost.

It’s brilliant fun to drive and has enough power to handle any terrain including tarmac, long grass, gravel and sand. On tarmac, we clocked this car at 33.1mph, which made it the fastest in our test.

After a bit of practice, the adults in our panel had this car drifting around corners, doing doughnuts, jumps and tricks. Without question this car (and Wlytoys 144001) are the most fun for adults and older children to drive of those we tested.

The controller has a brilliant adjustable speed feature so that parents can turn down the top speed. However, due to the high top speed and the fact that even small children can figure out an adjustable speed dial and turn it back up, we wouldn’t recommend buying this car for anyone under twelve (see better options below including the Blackzon Slayer and FTX Tracer). It’s just too fast if you can’t control it properly, and could cause a bit of damage to the child or any bystanders if it’s accidentally driven into legs.

It’s very well built compared to all the other cars tested and the base plate is metal, whereas nearly all of the other cars have plastic ones. It’s a hobbyist-grade car, so if parts of the car do break it’s possible to buy a spare from the website and fix it yourself. This RC car even comes with a set of instructions that shows you how to  dismantle and rebuild it should you need to make repairs.

The 2.4ghz controller is high quality too, with a soft rubber wheel to control the car, a high-quality trigger, and trimming and adjustable speed dials on the controller.  You’ll need a decent amount of space to drive this car, but you’ll have great fun driving it on any kind of surface.

Drones for kids

Kids’ drones are a popular toy, but we had some surprising results when we tested them. Find out what you need to know before buying a drone as a gift for your child.

Drones for kids are becoming increasingly popular toys, but you’ll want to make sure the one you buy is safe, secure and well built before putting the controller in the hands of a child.

In September 2021, we tested eight of the most popular drones that cost less than £100 and are listed as toys or for kids.

If drones weigh less than 250g they’re considered small enough to be toys and don’t require a drone licence to fly them in the UK. However, you can’t fly drones of any kind within 5km of an airport, no matter how light or small they are.

We were disappointed to find that none of the drones we tested were especially high quality or risk-free in the opinion of our tester, so we don’t recommend any of those listed below.

Read on for our full test results, plus an explanation of the risks parents should be aware of before buying kids’ drones.

Prices and availability last checked: 7 January 2022.