Compare the premiums and coverage levels of the many wedding insurance policies that are offered by the market’s various insurance providers.

Wedding insurance update on the coronavirus (Covid-19).

Because of the prevalence of coronavirus, wedding preparations have been significantly hampered as a result. It has also forced some insurance companies to make adjustments to their policies, and in some cases, it has caused them to stop selling new plans entirely.

What exactly is covered by wedding insurance?

Purchasing wedding insurance can protect you from a variety of unfavourable and financially burdensome occurrences that could occur on the day of your wedding.

Losing the engagement ring, having the wedding’s caterer go out of business, or the entire event being called off are all potential outcomes.

Considering that the cost of a wedding typically exceeds thirty thousand dollars and that the premiums for wedding insurance are not particularly expensive, it may be prudent to purchase coverage.

Nevertheless, it is possible that you are already protected by other insurances or consumer rights.

How much does it cost to get wedding insurance?

The annual payment for wedding insurance can range from as little as £19 to as much as £310 or even more.

If you pay a greater premium, you will be able to purchase better levels of coverage, as well as cover for international and notable events. However, many people might be satisfied with cheaper insurance premiums.

When looking for a quote, the first thing you should do is determine your spending limit, which is the total amount you intend to spend on your wedding.

You may also establish an estimate of how much each component of your wedding is likely to cost, such as the price of the rings, the flowers, and the transportation, and then check to see if your insurance policy provides adequate coverage for all of those costs.

Do you need wedding insurance?

Certainly not in every case.

If you use your credit card to make a purchase of more than £100 and up to £30,000, Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act entitles you to get your money back from your credit card issuer in the event that there is a fault with the products or services that constitutes a breach of contract.

It’s possible that the location of your reception has already been reserved by another party, or that the cake for your wedding won’t arrive on time.

If you paid using a Visa or MasterCard credit card for an item that costs less than one hundred pounds, or if you paid with a debit card, you may be eligible for a refund through the application of chargeback regulations. Your service provider may make an effort on your behalf to retrieve the funds that you have paid to a retailer through this process; however, it is not required to do so by law.

Check the terms of your homeowner’s insurance policy as well. Some plans extend coverage for one month before and one month after the wedding of a member of the household. This is done to cover wedding presents and sometimes items purchased just for the wedding.

If you’re getting married outside of the UK, you really need to purchase travel insurance, even if it won’t cover any issues with the wedding location or the vendors providing the services.

The very finest insurance coverage for weddings

We have given each policy a score ranging from one (worst) to five (best), based on the amount of coverage it provides, taking into consideration any policy restrictions as well as any excesses.

However, as the premium is not taken into consideration, these scores cannot be used as a measurement of value for the money spent. If your wedding is a more intimate affair, you could find that a lower-rated and more affordable policy better suits your needs. You’ll find a separate table with the restrictions for each policy further down in this post where you can access it.

On the basis of the overall amount of protection provided, which is represented in the total score, we classify insurance products into the following four categories:

In our evaluation, fundamental policies had a score lower than 48 percent.
Standard policies provide a higher level of coverage, with scores ranging from 48% to 62%, but they may only cover cancellation costs up to £50,000, which is as much as or even more than half of what superior insurance cover.
Comprehensive policies received scores ranging from 63 to 77 percent and can provide coverage of up to £15,000 for wedding dresses, rings, and other wedding-related expenses.
The most comprehensive level of protection that can be purchased on the market is reflected in superior policies.
An explanation of wedding insurance

In the course of your study on wedding insurance, you will most likely come across the following terms:


In the event that you need to reschedule the ceremony or reception because of an accident, illness (provided that it was not pre-existing), or death in the immediate family of a member of the main wedding party. In the event that the venue cancels on you, cancellation cover will take care of that as well.

In some insurance policies, you will be compensated if severe weather prevents at least half of your invited guests from attending your event.

If you change your mind or find that you cannot afford to proceed, your coverage will be cancelled. Check that the maximum payout of your insurance coverage covers the whole amount that would be needed to reschedule your wedding.


In the event that the wedding dress, the suits, or any of the other garments are stolen or damaged beyond repair while in your possession, this insurance policy will cover the costs. When you purchase the costumes, or twenty-four hours before they are hired, the cover will begin.


As long as the presents have not been left unattended, you ought to be compensated in the event that they are misplaced, stolen, or accidently damaged. Be aware that this protection only kicks in for a little period of time just before the wedding, and that there may be particular restrictions for each item, as well as limits for cash and check gifts.

a picture or a video

This service will pay for you and the wedding party to rent new outfits and have the photos shot again in the event that your photos or films are unable to be developed or the photographer does not show up. However, it does not cover images that are of a low quality.


In the event that the rings are misplaced, destroyed, or taken. However, you should be aware that this protection is only valid for a few period of time before and after the wedding, so you should make sure that your rings are included in your homeowner’s insurance policy.


Until the beginning of the reception, these are often hidden from view. As they are being carried to the wedding, they will need to be packed carefully in order to avoid damage.


Covers the bride and groom in the event that they are found responsible for the injury or damage of a third party or a property, such as the venue. However, basic liability coverage could not apply to injuries or damages brought on by customers; in that case, you’ll require public liability coverage instead.


In the event that the transportation you have reserved to carry you to or from the wedding does not show up, you will receive a refund for any deposits you have already paid in addition to any additional fees incurred as a result of having to reschedule your transportation.

Supplier failure

You will be reimbursed for any deposits that you have made, as well as any additional costs that you incur, in the event that a supplier fails to fulfil or declares bankruptcy. Ensure that the provider and you have a documented contract to govern your relationship.

Legal expenditures

In a manner analogous to that of liability cover, this refers to the bride and groom’s legal fees in the event that they are taken to court as a result of an injury or damage that they have caused.

Marquees, swords, and public liability all come into play here.

If your wedding includes any of these elements, you will likely be required to purchase additional coverage or upgrade to a more comprehensive policy. When you set up a tent on your own property or on land that you have rented but the owner of the land does not also own the marquee, you are required to have marquee cover. It is going to pay for any accidental damage that may occur to the marquee, the staging, the chairs, the tables, the lighting, and the flooring.

As a result of the normally high cost, insurers will require additional coverage for ceremonial swords.

The protection provided by public liability applies to your guests in the event that they cause injury or property damage.

Specifics of the insurance coverage for weddings

The following is a list of the maximum claim amounts for each of the wedding insurance policies that we researched. Limits are important, and it makes perfect sense to purchase a more expensive coverage with greater limits if your wedding will cost a significant amount of money. On the other hand, weddings that are smaller or less expensive might not need to get pricey insurance policies.

What about wedding insurance for destination weddings?

Although a regular wedding insurance policy will not cover marriages that take place outside of the country, several insurers do offer specialised coverage for ceremonies held overseas.

Even if the wedding is covered by insurance, the bride, groom, and guests still need to have separate travel insurance policies in place before and after the ceremony.