Wireless and Bluetooth speakers should enhance your listening experience and make the most of you music – the best models will do exactly that. Sound quality is the most important factor, and one so many speaker brands get wrong. We highlight Don’t Buy models, so you won’t be left listening to underwhelming audio. Best Buy speakers can handle all types of music, are simple to set up and offer a range of connectivity options. They can be turned up to maximum volume without distorting your music, while delivering detailed music at lower levels. We test a variety of speakers – Bluetooth, wi-fi enabled and some docks – so you can be sure to find a model that is best suited to you. We reveal the speakers that fail to live up to their big name billing, as well as Best Buy models from smaller brands. All the speakers we test are put through their paces to ensure they work well in everyday scenarios. Fed up with the raspy sound from your laptop or phone? Join Which? and access all our expert reviews of the latest wireless speakers. Already a member? Log in to see our extensive speaker reviews. We uncover the best speakers We listen to hours of music every year – from solo vocal tracks and heavy rock anthems, to large orchestral pieces and radio recordings – to enable us to separate the best speakers from the worst. We also assess each and every speaker we get in relation to their installation and set up, how easy they are to connect to various devices, plus we look at additional features, such as tone controls and accompanying mobile apps. Sound quality: Five audio experts assess each speaker and listen to classical, jazz, pop and rock music, so you can be sure that your music will sound great across a range of genres. Ease of use: We assess how simple it is to get the speaker out of the box and start playing music, including using different connections. Remote control: Any remote control or mobile app that comes with the speaker is tested and rated depending on how easy it is to use or navigate. Tone controls: We take a look at any settings that can alter the dynamics of the audio played through the speaker. Brand reliability: Our annual survey of hundreds of speaker owners enables us to rate and rank each brand for reliability, so you can be sure your speaker will go the distance. Speaker reviews you can trust Models from the biggest speaker brands on the market, such as Sony and Bose, go head to head with specialist audio brands, including JBL and Sonos, in the Which? test lab. We’ve found that even the most popular brands slip up every now and again.