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Car insurance: why you shouldn’t allow your policy to auto-renew

Staying with the same insurance company results in a £49 premium for drivers. Auto-renewing car insurance contracts cost drivers an additional £49 each year, according to a new study. In the midst of escalating vehicle insurance costs, MoneySuperMarket found that millions of drivers may be overpaying. A look at how auto-renewals work and how to […]

5 things your car insurance policy might not cover

Find out if your insurance coverage has any flaws in it. Cheap auto insurance may be your first concern when shopping, but be sure that your new coverage does not include any holes that could end up costing you more money down the road. According to our research, the range of coverage provided by vehicle […]

AA car insurance review

Have a look at this in-depth review of the AA’s auto insurance. Find out how the auto insurance policy offered by the AA stacks up against the policies offered by 33 other companies. The Automobile Association (AA) was initially founded in 1905 by a small group of auto enthusiasts who got together to warn other […]

Aviva car insurance review

Have a look at our comprehensive review of the auto insurance policy offered by Aviva. Find out how the policy that Aviva provides stacks up against the offerings of the other 33 providers. More than 18 million people are covered by Aviva, making it the most popular general insurer in the United Kingdom. In addition […]

Ageas car insurance review

Have a look at our in-depth review of the Ageas auto insurance company. Find out how the car insurance policy offered by Ageas stacks up against the policies offered by 33 other companies. Ageas is the most important insurance company in Belgium. It has operations in 14 countries around the world and is a subsidiary […]

Best and worst car insurance

Our industry professionals rank the various types of auto insurance policies, from the best to the worst, and tell you which companies offer the best customer service. How can I locate the most affordable car insurance? It’s true that auto insurance can be pricey, but that doesn’t mean you have to skimp on coverage just […]

How to find cheap car insurance

Find out how to get cheaper car insurance quotes from price comparison websites, as well as how to save money on car insurance by haggling with insurance companies. Why should I look at multiple car insurance companies? When it comes time to renew your auto insurance, the price that is presented to you is not […]

Letter rejecting your insurer’s offer on a claim

You can make use of this sample letter to reject the offer made by your insurer on your claim and ask for a new offer if you have grounds for believing that the offer is too low. [Your address] [Location of the company] Dear [Please refer to the insurance number] I want to thank you […]

Letter challenging a company’s unfair contract terms

Use this letter to challenge a provision in a firm’s contract that you believe violates your rights and is unfair if you are in a dispute with the company or the service provider about the term. [Your address] [Location of the company or of the provider] Dear (Reference: the number on the contract or the […]

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