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Best plastic-free plant labels

We put 21 different plant labels made of a variety of materials through our battery of tests to see which ones are the best alternatives to plastic. Labeling your plants is a necessary step in the gardening process, regardless of whether you are starting from seed, re-potting bulbs, or putting a cherished specimen shrub in […]

Best liquid plant feeds

Our Best Buy fertilisers will ensure that your plants remain robust and blossoming throughout the entire summer. Fertilizers in the form of liquid feeds are poured over plants at the same time that they are watered. They come in the form of granules that need to be dissolved in water as well as highly concentrated […]

Best tomato feed

Investing in one of our top-rated products is the best way to ensure a bountiful crop this summer. Tomatoes are one of the most widely cultivated vegetables, and if you want to harvest the largest and most flavorful crop possible, it is imperative that you provide your plants with the proper nutrition. Only four to […]

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