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Making a home insurance claim

Find out all you need to know about filing a claim on your homeowner’s insurance, such as what steps are involved in the process and which insurance companies are the best (and the worst) at handling claims. When should I give a call to my homeowner’s insurance company? No one ever plans on having to […]

How to renew your home insurance

Have you seen an increase in your premiums from your insurer? Find out how to make up the difference when it’s time for the renewal. It became illegal for insurers to set their most favourable rates aside for new clients beginning in January 2022. This put an end to a common practise known as “price […]

Mobile phone insurance: how to get the best cover

Find out what is covered by mobile phone insurance, how much it costs, and whether or not it is worthwhile to purchase a mobile phone insurance coverage. What exactly is covered by my mobile phone insurance? In the event that your mobile phone is lost, stolen, or damaged, having mobile phone insurance will cover the […]

How to find cheap bicycle insurance

Find out if your bike is protected by the homeowner’s insurance you have, or if you need to look into getting a separate coverage for it. Why should I protect my bike with an insurance policy? A brand new adult bike can be purchased for as little as £250, however the vast majority of entry-level […]

How to find cheap home insurance

Find out how to receive lower prices on home insurance quotes from price comparison websites, as well as how to negotiate better terms and save money on both building and contents insurance. Why should I shop around for my homeowner’s insurance? Even though your homeowner’s insurance company was the most affordable choice the previous year, […]

Contents insurance explained

Find out how the contents insurance policy operates, what it covers, and the common exceptions that you should watch out for here. What exactly is meant by “contents insurance”? Your homeowner’s insurance policy will reimburse you for the money needed to replace your personal property in the event that it is lost, stolen, or damaged. […]

Home insurance: add-ons, fees and charges explained

Determine how specific add-ons, fees, and charges might have an impact on the overall cost of your homeowner’s insurance policy. Why would you want to purchase additional coverage for your home? Due to the fact that every home is unique in its own way, the regular homeowner’s insurance coverage you have might not be enough. […]

Home insurance: subsidence

Find out how to determine whether or not your home is at risk of subsidence and how this could impact your homeowner’s insurance coverage. What exactly is the subsidence? When the foundation of your home crumbles or sinks, this is referred to as subsidence. This is frequently brought on by: The soil, which is typically […]

Home insurance: flooding

Find out how to determine whether or not your home is at risk of flooding and how this could effect the premiums you pay for your homeowner’s insurance. Does my homeowner’s insurance cover damage caused by flooding? Your home and all of your belongings could sustain catastrophic damage as a result of flooding, which would […]

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