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Inheritance tax and trusts

Trusts can help you preserve control of what happens to your assets after you pass away. They can be advantageous from an inheritance tax perspective, albeit you may wind up paying more Using trusts to avoid inheritance tax Trusts are an often ignored option to manage your estate when you die away, preserving an element […]

How to avoid inheritance tax

There are a variety of approaches that can be taken to ensure that your heirs are exempt from having to pay any inheritance tax at all. Is it possible to avoid paying inheritance tax? When you die away, your heirs may be required to pay inheritance tax if the value of your estate is high […]

Inheritance tax for married couples and civil partners

It is not necessary to engage in any complex tax planning in order for married couples and civil partners to be able to take use of one another’s tax-free allowance. What are the guidelines for the inheritance tax for couples who are married? When it comes to inheritance tax, being married or in a civil […]

Inheritance tax: thresholds, rates and who pays

A tax on inheritance equal to forty percent is levied against the assets that are passed down to subsequent generations. Make use of our calculator for the inheritance tax, as well as learn about inheritance tax rates and how it functions. Just what is the IHT? If you have any plans to leave assets or […]

Inheritance tax planning and tax-free gifts

Find out how you can lower the amount of inheritance tax you have to pay by making gifts from your estate, and learn what is meant by the term “possibly exempt transfer.” Is it possible for me to avoid paying inheritance tax by giving money away? When you pass away, a portion of your estate […]

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