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Legal expenses insurance: is it worth buying?

Legal expenditures insurance is frequently made available as an optional rider for automobile and homeowner’s insurance policies. Utilize these tables to have a better understanding of the differences in cost and coverage. What precisely is covered by legal expense insurance? Legal costs insurance, more commonly referred to as “LEI,” provides a multitude of benefits for […]

Wedding insurance reviews

Compare costs and cover levels of wedding insurance policies offered by all the insurers in the market. Coronavirus (Covid-19) wedding insurance update The spread of coronavirus has resulted in considerable disruption to wedding plans. It has also caused some insurance providers to make changes to their policies and, in some cases, stop selling new policies […]

Making a home insurance claim

Find out all you need to know about claiming on your home insurance, including what the process involves and which providers are the best (and worst) at handling claims. When should I call my home insurer? No-one wants to have to claim on their home insurance. Often, you won’t be obligated to report every minor incident […]

How to renew your home insurance

Has your insurer hiked your premiums? Find out how to redress the balance at renewal time. In January 2022, insurers were banned from reserving their best prices for new customers. This called time on a widespread practice known as ‘price walking’ – where the longer you stayed put with an insurer, the more it charged […]

Mobile phone insurance: how to get the best cover

Find out what mobile phone insurance covers, how much it costs and if it’s worth buying a mobile phone insurance policy. What is mobile phone insurance? Mobile phone insurance covers the cost of repairing or replacing your mobile phone if it is lost, stolen or damaged. What does mobile phone insurance cover? In addition to […]

How to find cheap bicycle insurance

Find out if your bike is covered with your home insurance or if you should consider a specialist policy Why should I get insurance for my bike? You can buy a new adult bike from as little as £250, but most entry-level bikes hover around the £400 mark. Top-of-the range bikes, however, can cost well over £1,000 […]

How to find cheap home insurance

Find out ways to get cheaper home insurance quotes from price comparison sites and how to haggle and save money on buildings and contents insurance Why should I compare home insurance? Even if your home insurer was the cheapest option last year, that doesn’t mean your renewal quote will be any good. Since January 2022, […]

Contents insurance explained

Find out how contents insurance works, what it covers and typical exclusions to watch out for What is contents insurance? Home contents insurance covers the cost of replacing your belongings in your home if they are damaged, destroyed or stolen. As a general rule, your ‘contents’ are the items you would take with you if […]

Home insurance: add-ons, fees and charges explained

Find out how the cost of your home insurance might be affected by certain add-ons, fees and charges. Why would you need home insurance add-ons? Everyone’s home is different, and your standard home insurance policy may not suffice. Insurance add-ons provide a way to get cover that matters to you without paying for a much more […]

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