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How much financial advice costs

Find out how much financial advice costs, the various ways that you might be charged for receiving financial advice, and how to negotiate the fees and charges that financial advisers charge. How much does it cost to get financial advice? Financial advisers are required to come to an agreement up front regarding how much they […]

What is a bond?

We explain how to invest in lower-risk assets such as corporate bonds, government bonds and gilts What is a bond? Investing in bonds effectively means lending money to different bodies, be it companies or governments. Gilts are UK Government bonds. In return they pay you a regular income in the form of interest for a […]

Equity funds explained

How to invest in the stock market through funds, passive vs active management explained and the taxes and fees to expect. What are equities? The traditional way to invest is to buy shares in companies. As a shareholder, you have an equity stake in a business, which is why shares are also known as equities. It’s […]

Cash as an asset class

Find out how cash, premium bonds and money market funds can benefit your investment portfolio Is cash an asset class? Cash is an integral part of building any investment portfolio. It is the only asset class that doesn’t pose any capital risk – meaning that you won’t lose any actual money by placing your money in […]

Are fund charges eating into your returns?

Learn about the long-term effect of fund charges and fees on your investment returns, and how to save money. Why should I care about fund charges? Fund charges matter because, whilst fund performance can vary, you’ll have to pay the charges come rain or shine. Over time, fund charges can make a huge difference to […]

Unit trusts and OEICs explained

Discover all you need to know about unit trusts and open-ended investment companies, with tips on picking investment funds What is an investment fund? Investment funds (known as mutual funds in the US) are collective investment schemes, which pool your money with that of other investors to give you a stake in a ready-made portfolio. Two […]

Tracker funds explained

We explain the advantages of investing in low-cost tracker funds, how to pick them and where to buy them What is a tracker fund? Tracker funds are collective investment schemes that follow the movement of a market index, such as the FTSE 100. So when an index rises, the value of your fund rises with […]

What is Bitcoin? Cryptocurrencies explained

Find out what Bitcoin is, how blockchain works – and if Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are worth investing in. What is Bitcoin and cryptocurrency? Bitcoin is one of thousands of cryptocurrencies (also referred to as ‘digital’ or ‘virtual’ currency) that aren’t controlled by any country, treasury or central bank. Bitcoin was created in 2009 by an anonymous […]

Innovative Finance Isas explained

Innovative Isas help you earn tax-free interest on peer-to-peer lending. Find out which companies offer them, and the rates on offer. What is an innovative finance Isa, or Ifisa? An innovative finance Isa (Ifisa) – is an Isa that contains peer-to-peer loans instead of cash (as in a cash Isa) or stocks and shares (as in an […]

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