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Selling a house in Scotland

Are you considering putting your house up for sale? Discover how the selling process works inside the Scottish real estate system, from home reports through contracts. Putting together a status report at home If you are selling a home in Scotland, you are required to offer prospective purchasers with a home report. This report is […]

Northern Irish property system

Find out the fundamentals of the home-buying process in Northern Ireland, including the several programmes available for first-time buyers and the costs associated with the stamp duty. Since the majority of the property system in Northern Ireland is the same as in other parts of the United Kingdom, it is worthwhile to take a look […]

Buying a house in Scotland

Learn how to make an offer on a home in Scotland, as well as the primary differences between purchasing a home in Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom, by familiarising yourself with the home-buying process in Scotland, which includes an explanation of what home reports are. Personal accounts from Scotland If you’re looking […]

Rental property maintenance and repairs

There are duties that come along with renting a home. Avoid arguments by learning the responsibilities that are placed on both landlords and tenants. Taking care of your home that you rent out When you sign a lease agreement and move into a leased home, you instantly become responsible for a specific degree of property […]

Questions to ask when renting a home

Find out how to pick a rental property, including what to look for during a viewing and what questions to ask the renting agent, by reading the information provided below. It can be a stressful endeavour to look for a new home to live; nonetheless, it is crucial to go into property viewings prepared with […]

Renting a home: the first steps

The process of renting a home might be difficult to understand, what with the rental agreements and the deposits. Before you start renting a home, there are a few things you really must be aware of. Because a fifth of families in the UK are now privately rented, competition for suitable rental properties in the […]

Overseas property as an investment

Learn about the possible benefits of investing in property overseas, as well as the primary distinctions that exist between investing in property in the UK and investing in property elsewhere. Why should one invest in real estate in another country? If you are thinking about how to invest your money, you could be drawn to […]

Buying overseas property

Find out all you need to know about purchasing a property in another country, from the best places to look for available homes to the prices you should expect to pay. Making your desire of buying a house in another country a reality is a thrilling endeavour, but it is typically quite complicated. It doesn’t […]

Overseas mortgages explained

Find out how to fund the purchase of an overseas property, such as by obtaining a mortgage in that country or by remortgaging a property in the United Kingdom to release cash. What exactly is meant by the term “overseas” mortgage? A mortgage for a property that is located outside of the UK is referred […]

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