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Widow’s pension and bereavement support

This article discusses the state pension and various allowances and payments that are available to bereaved individuals, including those who have lost a spouse and become widower. What kind of assistance is available to me after the death of my partner? When one of your partners passes away, it can be an emotionally and financially […]

What was contracting out?

Learn how the process of “contracting out” worked so that you can anticipate how it may impact the amount of state pension you receive in the future. What exactly was being contracted out? You had the option to “contract out” of the supplementary state pension when the former regulations governing the state pension were in […]

Can I top up my state pension?

If you have holes in your work history, purchasing voluntary National Insurance payments of Class 3 can assist you to make up for those holes in your state pension. Find out how much the cost of the voluntary contribution, as well as the steps you need to take to purchase them. Why would it be […]

Deferring your state pension

You have the option to postpone receiving your state pension in order to increase the total amount you will receive when you do eventually start collecting it. Determine how much you will receive and consider whether or not the offer is advantageous. Can I postpone receiving my state pension? You cannot begin drawing your state […]

What is the state pension?

Find out what the state pension is, how you can qualify for it, and listen to the experiences that actual individuals have had when applying for the state pension. Can you explain what the state pension is? When you reach the age at which you are eligible to receive a state pension, the government will […]

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