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Fees and finances for part-time students

Part-time students, like their full-time counterparts, may be eligible for financial assistance to cover the costs of tuition, fees, and living expenses; however, the application process may be slightly different. What is the cost of tuition for students who attend school only part-time? Part-time courses are typically charged on a credit-by-credit basis, meaning that payment […]

Dropping out or changing uni courses and student finance

Make sure you are aware of the potential implications for your student loans and other financial aid before you decide to transfer to a different school, change your major, or drop out of school entirely. How much of the money that I paid toward my tuition do I have to give back? The majority of […]

Extra funding, bursaries and scholarships for university

Are you a student who is concerned about making ends meet? Find out what additional funding options are available to help support your university studies, as well as the qualifying conditions and application process. Where can you find out more information about further financial aid offered by the university? Student finance, also known as a […]

What your tuition fees will and won’t cover

Find out what the costs associated with your university education that will be covered by your tuition fees, as well as what the costs that your maintenance loan will assist you in covering, will be. What exactly your tuition money goes for. Your tuition fees, which can reach a maximum of £9,250 per year, will […]

Complete guide to student loans and tuition fees

Acquaint yourself with the ins and outs of student financing for undergraduate students, including the availability of student loans to assist with payment of tuition fees and living expenses, as well as additional support. What is the annual cost of enrollment? The amount of money you will have to spend each year for tuition is […]

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