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How to calculate your redundancy pay

In the event that your current employer terminates your employment, you may be eligible for severance pay. Learn how to compute the payment, determine whether or not you are eligible for it, and find out when you will be paid. What exactly is severance pay for? You may be eligible for redundancy pay if your […]

Age-related tax allowance

When I was younger, I was able to claim a larger tax-free allowance than I can now. This is not the case any longer; nonetheless, there are still opportunities to obtain advantageous tax benefits. In retirement, what tax do I have to pay? You can bring in a respectable sum of money from your job […]

Married couple’s allowance

It’s possible that you could be eligible for a married couple’s allowance if one of you was born before the 6th of April 1935 and you’re married or in a civil partnership (MCA). Discover the inner workings of MCA right here. What is the budget for the married pair to work with? The married couple’s […]

35 ways to save on tax

Check your tax code, use tax-free allowances, and other strategies to pay less tax. Tax savings Whether you’re an employee, self-employed, landlord, investor, or retiree, you can legitimately lower your tax payment. We explain how simple checks can raise your take-home pay with no effort, as well as tax breaks and government programmes. Here are […]

Working tax credit explained

Find out if you can claim working tax credit in 2021-22. Working tax credit Working tax credit helps low-income workers with day-to-day expenses. Working tax credit could be worth up to £2,070 in 2022-23 if you work a particular number of hours and have a modest income. This is working tax credit’s “fundamental element.” This […]

Tax-free childcare and other ways to save

You can save money on childcare in a variety of ways, from tax-free childcare to working tax credits, childcare vouchers, and free childcare. Childcare costs can be reduced. Tax-free child care is only one of the many programmes available to support parents. There are various methods to assist you pay for daycare, no matter if […]

Maternity and paternity leave

Find out if you are eligible for statutory maternity and paternity leave, as well as maternity allowance and shared parental leave, and what the pay is like for these benefits. What exactly does “parental leave” mean? Employees who have recently given birth or adopted a child are eligible for statutory maternity leave and paternity leave, […]

Small business tax: what you need to pay

Learn the ins and outs of the various types of taxes that affect small businesses, such as corporation tax, value-added tax, capital gains tax, and capital allowance. What kinds of taxes are levied against small businesses? When you manage a small business, the business structure of your firm will determine the sort of tax you […]

National Insurance and state pension

Find out how the record of your National Insurance contributions will affect the amount of state pension you are entitled to. Your payments to the National Insurance System and the State Pension People are only eligible for a state pension if they have made sufficient National Insurance contributions and either been credited with those contributions […]

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